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                Cloud Security Monitoring

                Security Monitoring Helps You Take Full Advantage of the Cloud and Hybrid IT

                Actionable intelligence from continuous monitoring provides early warning about anomalies to investigate and resolve versus routine incidents and thereby increasing your security and efficiency.

                Cloud computing offers the benefits of agility, flexibility and performance optimization, but enterprises may not fully consider cloud impacts on people, processes and technology. Organizations may find challenges monitoring cloud logs 24x7 and ignoring this critical data is like leaving your front door unlocked – it can attract unwanted visitors. We provide actionable intelligence that increases your efficiency by separating routine events from suspicious security events worth investigating.

                Benefits of cloud security monitoring include:

                • Monitoring across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Office 365
                • Protect critical applications and data
                • Reduce monitoring complexity
                • Improve your efficiency by leveraged elite threat intelligence
                • Maintain compliance
                • Protect cloud and hybrid IT workloads
                • Enhance global visibility and reporting

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