Case Study

City Chooses Secureworks to Prevent Costly Data Breaches

The City of Amarillo turns to Secureworks for Emergency Incident Response, gaining access to vast security expertise to reduce cyber risk and enable rapid remediation

Customer Story

City of Amarillo

"The Secureworks team did a great job of letting my engineers see behind the curtain. They explained, ‘here is what we’re searching for. We see these indicators. Here are the processes we are looking for.'"

Rich Gagnon, Chief Information Officer

What You'll Learn:

  • The value of gaining real-world experience with seasoned threat experts and researchers
  • The benefit of incident command, specialized technical expertise, and remediation guidance
  • The importance of reducing risk of cyberattacks

The City of Amarillo discovered the Log4J vulnerability in the midst of rolling out security enhancements and turned to Secureworks to tap into vast incident response expertise.

See how the city benefits from working side by side with Secureworks incident response experts to learn best practices, accelerate Zero Trust rollout, and reduce cyber risk.