Mimecast Email Security

Improve email visibility and rapidly respond to email security threats.

Why Mimecast

Better Together: Secureworks and Mimecast

By integrating Mimecast with Secureworks Taegis XDR, organizations can correlate email security data with endpoint, network and other cloud security data.

Global Threat Intel

Simplified Investigations

Improve overall investigations effectiveness and increase threat detection and operational efficiency

Cloud Native

Centralized Detection

Centralize threat detection in Taegis XDR with added email log data and realize the full benefit of your investments

Automated Correlation

Automated Ingestion

Reduce the need to manually stitch data together by automatically ingesting email security data


The power of Mimecast with Taegis XDR

Mimecast email security data integrated with Secureworks Taegis XDR enables security teams to respond faster to email threats and improve overall cyber resilience.

  • Increase email visibility, better manage email attack vector risks, and rapidly respond to email security threats
  • More efficiently operate with fewer skilled resources
  • Realize the full benefit of security investments
  • Improve overall investigations and threat hunting, detection, and response effectiveness
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How it Works

How Mimecast Works with Taegis XDR

  • Emails received by Mimecast are passed through a series of hygiene and advanced security scanning techniques, to ensure that they are safe before delivery to the recipient
  • Malicious and unwanted emails are blocked and detailed information is provided for further analysis
  • Email intelligence provided by Mimecast is sent to Taegis XDR for normalization
  • Secureworks Taegis XDR uses the email intelligence to alert analysts and add context to data from other Taegis XDR data sources
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Panel Discussion

Ransomware Protection: Fighting Back Together

Join this interactive panel discussion led by Mimecast featuring Secureworks expert Terry McGraw to discuss fighting back against ransomware with the power of together.

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