Supplier Diversity Statement

Secureworks is committed to fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion through all facets of its business. Whether through committing to increase diversity of its supplier base or promoting a more inclusive work environment for its employees worldwide, Secureworks is dedicated to being inclusive to all while promoting a healthy environment to drive innovation in our fight against the adversary.

Supplier Principles:

To further that commitment, Secureworks seeks to partner with businesses who agree to make strong commitments to responsible business practices and ethical behavior. Aligning with this goal, Secureworks expects its suppliers to agree to adhere to all governing laws and regulations, international standards and conventions, and global best practices. Secureworks also takes an extra step by asking that our suppliers commit to promoting environmentally sustainable practices, cultivating diversity and inclusion, and governing ethically and responsibly.

Supplier Diversity:

Engaging with diverse suppliers ensures that Secureworks suppliers represent the diversity of our employees, partners, and customers. Therefore, Secureworks seeks to grow its vital supply chain by emphasizing the inclusion of underrepresented suppliers, including, but not limited to, those that are minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, disabled-owned, LGBT-owned, or a business that is a HUB-zone business or classified as a small business. Diversifying Secureworks suppliers drives innovation by increasing our competitive advantage through unique perspectives, while fostering a culture of inclusion.