Secureworks Teams with VMware to Bring Pervasive Visibility and Intrinsic Security to Public Cloud Deployments

SAN FRANCISCO / RSA CONFERENCE 2020 February 26, 2020 – Secureworks® (NASDAQ: SCWX) today announced the launch of its new cloud configuration assessment. Based on VMware Secure State, the solution addresses pervasive security challenges in public cloud adoption, including the exposure of critical assets due to the misconfiguration of security options and insider mistakes.

To advance digital transformation, CIOs must embrace the idea that cloud security is a shared responsibility model. Through 2025, 99 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer's fault, according to Gartner, Inc.1 Security leaders are challenged to maintain internal security policies and technologies, as well as the right technology controls, to manage the risk of data exposure across their public cloud footprint. Understanding the business impact of each security decision can help CIOs strengthen their posture while maintaining application agility.

Secureworks Cloud Configuration Review Service

Secureworks' new Cloud Configuration Review pairs its two decades of security operations and consulting experience with the innovative VMware Secure State, a public cloud security and compliance monitoring platform, to give customers an immediate head start against cloud security risks such as misconfiguration. The solution will help customers detect configuration vulnerabilities, understand the business impact of critical risks and address the security and compliance challenges associated with public cloud adoption.

“Customers want more help prioritizing the right cloud security controls that both protect and enable their unique business goals, and we are pleased to include VMware Secure State in our solutions portfolio to advance that goal,” said Wendy Thomas, Secureworks Chief Product Officer. “Secureworks' SecOps experience coupled with VMware Secure State's unique risk correlation and visualization capabilities will give customers deeper, more actionable security insights in the cloud than ever before.”

Secureworks Cloud Configuration Review includes:

  • A Customer Workshop: to understand customer's business context, multicloud footprint, security policies and compliance needs
  • Security and Compliance Assessment: a scan of AWS and Azure infrastructure with VMware Secure State technology to assess cloud configurations against CIS foundations benchmark, proprietary best practices and regulatory compliance frameworks
  • Security Recommendations: a consultative review of VMware Secure State findings to deliver a visual understanding of security risks, recommendations for remediation actions and guidance on how to prioritize security controls that have the most impact on cloud security posture
  • Self-Service Access: 30-day access to VMware Secure State service to improve understanding of cloud asset relationships, correlate risk due to misconfigurations and threats and plan a remediation strategy in collaboration with other teams

Secureworks, a leading global cybersecurity company that protects organizations in a digitally connected world, delivers a range of security technology and solutions to help customers quickly identify threats and take timely actions to reduce their risk of a breach. With many CIOs adopting a cloud-first strategy, hardening the cloud security posture and driving organization-wide best practices at cloud speed is a priority for many Secureworks customers.

VMware Secure State protects millions of cloud resources across AWS and Azure clouds, and enables security teams to get real-time visibility, improve speed and sophistication of vulnerability detection and correlate security risk across dynamic cloud infrastructure. Delivered as a service, it facilitates proactive collaboration between security, operations and engineering teams for reducing the risk of security breaches. Through this expanded relationship Secureworks will make VMware's intrinsic security technology available to thousands of customers that Secureworks serves globally.

“The security industry is facing an acute shortage of talented engineers that can tackle security challenges associated with modern applications and cloud technologies,” said Jason Needham, Senior Director, Cloud Security, VMware. “As companies continue to increase their cloud footprint, skills shortages and lack of tooling create a profound security risk for companies delivering mission-critical applications in the cloud. This pairing of SecureWorks' human intelligence with the VMware Secure State service can help address this gap for our mutual customers.”

Today Secureworks also provides managed security services for VMware hybrid cloud environments.

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1 Gartner, Inc., A Public Cloud Risk Model: Accepting Cloud Risk Is OK, Ignoring Cloud Risk Is Tragic , Paul Proctor, Daryl Plummer and Jay Heiser, 25 February 2019

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