SecureWorks Cloud Guardian Solutions Simplify and Automate Cloud Security

Cloud Security Expo, London, March 15, 2017 - SecureWorks Corp. (NASDAQ: SCWX), a leading provider of intelligence-driven information security solutions, is bolstering its Cloud Guardian portfolio with a new service that automates the application of strong cloud security policies for organizations embracing digital transformation.

With the Security Configuration Management solution, clients can add another layer of cyber protection for their workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by programmatically implementing and enforcing best practices for security. The service leverages not only the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks for AWS as a best practices library, but also a series of policies based on SecureWorks’ AWS usage and incident response experience. Users can repair their cloud configurations with a single click, simplifying security and enabling organizations to focus on rapidly developing new applications and tools for their customers. 

The addition of Security Configuration Management to the Cloud Guardian portfolio continues SecureWorks’ efforts to address the challenges many enterprises and small businesses face as they continue their march towards hybrid IT. With the Cloud Guardian solutions, organizations can receive:

  • NEW Security Configuration Management
  • Monitoring Amazon EC2 Instances
  • Web Application Firewall Monitoring
  • Firewall Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Incident Response Services  
  • Cloud Security and Risk Consulting
  • Technical Testing Services

“More and more organizations are moving mission critical workloads to the public cloud with IT and security environments becoming ever more complex,” said Christina Richmond, program director of worldwide security services at industry research firm IDC. “Automated security configuration management in the cloud removes the human element and helps eliminate configuration drift to strengthen security without disrupting IT or end user productivity and flexibility.”

The Security Configuration Management service, which is expected to be generally available in April 2017, augments SecureWorks’ emphasis on adding new capabilities to simplify security for organizations leveraging the cloud. SecureWorks’ 24x7 monitoring capabilities provide organizations’ visibility across their cloud environments, and eliminates the need to wade through vast amounts of network events to separate false alarms from actual threats. Rounding out the Cloud Guardian portfolio are SecureWorks’ consulting and incident response services, which bring SecureWorks’ expertise to bare to help organizations implement a secure environment and respond to any security events that occur.

The Cloud Guardian solutions are enhanced by the Counter Threat Platform TM (CTP), SecureWorks’ powerful security event analysis engine, which processes as many as 220 billion events a day and uses machine-learning and analytics to serve as an early warning systems for cyber threats. Through the CTP, SecureWorks delivers intelligence, context, and countermeasures to better protect cloud environments.

 “Security and compliance should not be hurdles to hybrid IT, but enablers,” said Matt Eberhart, vice president of global product management at SecureWorks. “But that requires a mix of strategic planning, secure configuration, and continuous monitoring. What organizations need is a trusted partner who can offer them comprehensive, seamless security solutions, which allow them to focus more of their energies on their core business while embracing digital transformation and cloud computing.”

About SecureWorks

SecureWorks is a leading global provider of intelligence-driven information security solutions exclusively focused on protecting our clients from cyberattacks. Our solutions enable organizations to fortify their cyber defenses to prevent security breaches, detect malicious activity in real time, prioritize and respond rapidly to security breaches and predict emerging threats. As of Oct. 28, 2016, SecureWorks served over 4,300 clients across 58 countries. For more information, individuals can also visit  The use of the word “partner” or “partnership” does not imply a legal partnership between SecureWorks and any other entity.

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