Dell SecureWorks Launches Advanced Malware Protection and Detection Service

ATLANTA, January 26, 2015 — Dell SecureWorks, an information security services provider that consistently holds the highest market position from industry analysts, has launched a new service to help organizations detect and protect against advanced and evasive threats.

Advanced Malware Protection and Detection (AMPD) is a fully managed security service designed to rapidly detect advanced threat actor activity on networks. This managed security service combines the strength of threat intelligence by Dell SecureWorks and the malware defense platform by Lastline, a strategic investment partner of Dell Ventures.

Dell SecureWorks continuously monitors and inspects email, file and Web traffic on an organization's network using purpose-built appliances. Suspicious traffic is further reviewed by advanced analysis engines hosted at Dell SecureWorks. AMPD technology is combined with the CTU-powered intelligence capabilities of a specialized security analyst team that rapidly detects, analyzes and diagnoses threats, and provides focused guidance on their removal.

"Once organizations are alerted to suspicious activity, they must rapidly respond to determine with a high degree of confidence about the level of threat in order to minimize potential impact," said retired Col. Barry R. Hensley, executive director of the Counter Threat Unit at Dell SecureWorks. "Security teams that often use open-source intelligence for research on threat indicators alerted by their own security controls often draw the wrong conclusion on what the threat actually is. That leads to misguided actions and wasted time while an adversary remains undetected with unfettered access to their networks."

AMPD is a fully managed Advanced Malware Detection service that provides the following benefits:

  • Continuous monitoring of files, email attachments and other binaries traversing the network
  • Analysis of suspicious traffic with deep visibility into executed instructions
  • A dedicated advanced security analyst team
  • Escalation of critical events
  • Management of upgrades, patches, performance and availability
  • Fast, accurate diagnosis threats with actionable next steps to accelerate incident response and reduce further exposure to the malware
  • A broad context of information about the threat and other hosts that may have been infected

"The Lastline Breach Detection Platform powering the new Dell SecureWorks Advanced Malware Protection and Detection service deeply underscores the proven effectiveness and interoperability of our software-based enterprise security technology," said Jens Andreassen, CEO of Lastline. "In early trials, Dell SecureWorks customers have verified that our next-generation sandboxing, advanced threat intelligence and prioritized breach correlation technologies offer superior threat protection -- especially when combined with the deep insights that Dell SecureWorks analyst teams have into customers' environments."

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