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              Don’t Misalign Business and Security Strategy

              Implementing a future-proof information security operation that scale as your organizational requirements evolve and aligning your people, process and technology to the greatest threats.

              Of unresolved cases involved lack of logging and visibility was the problem

              Of organizations have insufficient cybersecurity personnel

              Monitoring the business risks inherent in a cybersecurity breach can be much like monitoring financial risk or any other significant enterprise risk.

              Assess and Transform Security Operations

              Developing, building and implementing an adaptable and cohesive security architecture that is ready for business change, adoption of new technologies and new threats to the business.

              Managed Security Services

              Managed Security Services

              From common threats to sophisticated targeted cyberattacks, Secureworks® Managed Security Services span your network, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis. That means you can identify threats more quickly and take the right action.

              Managed Security Services →
              • Security Management & Orchestration

                With thousands of alerts daily, it is tough to analyze the data and know what action to take. With Secureworks, we combine elite cyber threat intelligence with actionable remediation guidance to help protect your devices and meet compliance regulations.

                Security Management & Orchestration →
              • Security Monitoring

                Avoid false positives and identify true threats in the vast sea of security logs and alerts your organization generates. Our team of information security experts apply up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to deliver in-depth analysis of your security activities.

                Security Monitoring →
              • Vulnerability Management

                Vulnerabilities within your network, web applications and databases emerge every day, caused by software defects and misconfigurations, opening the door to threat actors. Secureworks can help you eliminate these exposures and future-proof your cybersecurity operations.

                Vulnerability Management →
              Security Consulting

              Security Consulting

              Don’t let the shortage of qualified security professional prevent you from expanding your security program. With Secureworks, our consultants and cybersecurity experts help your organization adapt, mitigate risk and thrive in the evolving threat and regulatory compliance landscape.

              Security Consulting →
              • Program Development and Risk Management

                Secureworks security consultants can help your organization maintain a comprehensive, logical, risk centric view to establishing the right controls and practices. Services include helping your organization evaluate and rank current capabilities and prioritize improvements and improve and advance capabilities with a roadmap based on business needs, size and industry.

                Program Development and Risk Management →
              • Strategy Development

                Align business risk to security objectives and controls. Our consultants ensure your organization is able to identify potential issues in the design and configuration of your security infrastructure and provides comprehensive remediation plans.

                Strategy Development →
              Threat Intelligence

              Threat Intelligence

              Knowledge is power. Looking at the threat landscape beyond your perimeter is a well-informed choice, but hard to do on your own. Take advantage of our threat intelligence gleaned through scale and visibility across 4,400+ client environments around the world. Developed by the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) research team, we develop cyber threat intelligence your organization can readily take action on.

              Threat Intelligence →
              • Global Threat Intelligence

                Today’s cybercriminals are less predictable, more persistent and resourceful, better funded and well organized. With the Secureworks Global Threat Intelligence Services, you have intelligence that delivers early warning and actionable insights based on data from threats collected.

                Global Threat Intelligence →

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