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                Orchestrate and Automate Response

                Attain maximum value from your disparate security technologies, ensuring that they are working in concert, and providing your team with the information that matters most

                Automate the Right Action

                Our approach to security orchestration and automation leverages and builds upon experience gained by working with thousands of clients over the last two decades.

                of global security technology decision makers at enterprises say using automation and orchestration tools to improve security operations is a high or critical priority

                Incident Response engagements per year are executed by Secureworks

                Watch our Webinar with Dark Reading on Automating Security Functions in Your Enterprise.

                Start with Knowing What to Automate

                We start by understanding your unique environment to help you identify the right processes and appropriate automation required to make an impact through orchestration.

                How to setup and manage SOAR (security orchestration and response
                Evaluation & Best Practices

                Up-Front Evaluation & Best Practices

                We don’t just hand over a piece of complicated technology to your security operations team – our managed service includes a formalized hands-on session to clarify your goals and processes, and then propose automation where it makes sense.

                • Review Existing Investments

                  Success in automation requires an in depth understanding of your technology stack.

                • Document IR Processes

                  Includes a review of your existing incident response workflows against best practices.

                • Ongoing Consultation

                  A periodic consultative evaluation of your processes, results, key metrics, and service-related questions.

                Automation Deployment

                Automation Deployment

                Based on your environment, technologies, processes, and preferences we deploy a set of targeted Playbooks to automate processes across your environment and reduce manual steps that your team conducts today.

                • Playbook Relevance

                  Playbooks are built on the most prevalent detections based on our extensive experience.

                • Broad Detection Coverage

                  Includes Malware, Exploit Attempt, Credential Compromise, Recon Scan, DoS Mitigation, Brute Force Attempt, and many others.

                • Connectors to Common Tools

                  Through partnerships and our own technology we connect to your tools such as Endpoint, Network, or Workflow.

                • You Approve, Then We Move

                  With your approval we accelerate the process of investigating, validating, containing, and eradicating the most impactful security incidents.

                Incident Response Team Access

                Incident Response Team Access

                Access to our renowned Incident Response team is included as a critical part of our Orchestration solution. We review your incidents and make recommendations based on our experience.

                Incident Response Services →
                • Accelerate Investigations

                  Through a single view of key indicators from across your environment, our intelligence, and third-party information.

                • Increase Response Speed

                  By automating repetitive tasks and responding to common threat scenarios via push-button containment actions.

                • Reduce the Noise

                  And zero-in on alerts that matter to free up your team’s time for higher quality analysis and investigation.

                managed policy compliance

                Enabling Technologies

                We provide enabling technologies to ensure you can view or manage actions being taken. Details are accessible from our Mobile App to provide a convenient way to access incident details, provide approvals, review outcomes, and act.

                • Orchestration Management Console

                  Enables and displays all activities related to Playbooks, Connectors, and Actions.

                • Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™

                  Our correlation engine that houses detections, rules, and logic to enable response workflows.

                  Counter Threat Platform →
                • Secureworks Client Portal & Mobile App

                  Review alerts and act on urgent tickets and tasks from our Mobile App.

                  Client Portal →

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