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                Government & Higher Education Compliance Solutions

                Provide services to citizens, employees and students without sacrificing cybersecurity

                Adoption of transformational technologies can provide services to citizens, employees and students more efficiently, but they can bring cybersecurity challenges and concerns.

                Properly safeguarding the unique IT environments, data and operations of governments and educational institutions first can allow you to securely provide access to information and services on demand.

                Governments and educational institutions house vast and diverse amounts of information on their networks, servers, and websites. Every day these agencies and institutions face a wide range and increasing volume of cyber threats that can result in data breaches, theft of public funds and intellectual property, disrupted services, and put trust at risk.

                Institutions need to consider all the ways their network vulnerabilities and users propose potential cybersecurity risks to their organizations, employees, and citizens and students. Colleges and universities should also consider how their open networks and decentralized environments can affect their level of cyber defense.

                To reduce the potential for data theft and service disruptions, government agencies and educational institutions must assess their networks, vulnerabilities and the resources and tools available to combat cyber threats. Raising the level of cybersecurity takes more than security devices. Protecting your data and operations, managing risk, and meeting compliance mandates are all essential to protect government and educational institutions from cyberattack. A cybersecurity program that extends beyond network security, and includes risk management, access to threat intelligence and information sharing can help you do this.

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