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                Information Provided by Security Leadership Needs to Contribute to Decision Making

                The security function can often be perceived as a hindrance to the business rather than a valuable contributor to achieving objectives, speaking in terms of technology risk and specific vulnerabilities rather than business impact.

                Of CISOs provide cyber investment report to board members

                Lack non-technical reporting (from IT and security executives)

                Boards oversee risk, not operations

                Rather than tell them how your cybersecurity program works, show them how (or how well) the risk is being managed.

                Identify Areas of Cybersecurity Risk

                Identify Areas of Cybersecurity Risk

                Secureworks security consulting combines cybersecurity expertise and an understanding of business impact to provide outcome based improvements that align to business strategy and reduce risk.

                • Program Development & Risk Management

                  Identify, manage, and mitigate risks and gain organizational buy-in to appropriately resource and operationalize programs to support.

                  Program Development & Risk Management →
                • Strategic Advisory

                  Our consultants help address your organization’s unique challenge of aligning security and business objectives.

                  Strategic Advisory →
                • Risk Assessment

                  Understand the cyber risk and threats your organization is facing in today’s world.

                  Risk Assessment →
                • Maturity Assessment

                  Assess your current security maturity levels to define your target and develop a customized roadmap based on your business priorities.

                  Maturity Assessment →
                Raise Awareness & Visibility

                Raise Awareness & Visibility

                Unfortunately there isn't a single solution that addresses all cybersecurity priorities around risk, however, there are common mistakes that put an organization at additional risk to the growing threat landscape such as:

                • Counter Threat Unit™

                  The Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) research team analyzes threat data across our global client base and actively monitors the threat landscape.

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                • Security Consulting

                  Our consultants leverage the very latest threat intelligence and operational expertise to think about processes, people and technologies that provides most value.

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