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                Risk Management and Cybersecurity Strategy

                Understand business priorities, align risk and strategy, operationalize to be more effective against the threat landscape

                As a key mitigator of risk to the viability of the business, the security function is becoming an established contributor to Executive Management and Board of Directors decision making.

                As a result, key information provided from security leadership has never been more consequential.

                The challenge is many security leaders still speak in terms of technology risks and specific vulnerabilities and establish policies around those risks that result in a lack of alignment to business priorities. As a result, the security function runs the risk of being viewed as a hindrance to the business and establishing competing priorities rather than being a valuable contributor.


                Boards oversee risk management


                Increase in breach costs


                Do not measure risk activities


                Understanding the Business Strategy

                Cybersecurity is now a management priority as leadership has come to understand that cybersecurity ties to organizational risk and is not just a function of IT. Understanding business initiatives and aligning risk helps answer questions such as:

                • What are the costs to mitigate risk against a particular business initiative?
                • What’s the potential cost to resolve a breach if we take on this risk?
                • What’s the impact to our reputation and brand?

                Aligning Risk to the Business Strategy

                While security strategy covers a vast array of initiatives, there are strategic commonalities across any organization that can improve alignment to business strategy and reduce risk such as:

                • Identifying critical assets
                • Identifying and prioritizing cybersecurity risks
                • Implementing security controls around risk
                • Determining the target state and operationalizing around that roadmap

                Raise Awareness and Visibility

                Unfortunately there isn't a single solution that addresses all cybersecurity priorities around risk, however, there are common mistakes that put an organization at additional risk to the growing threat landscape such as:

                • Believing technology alone will solve the problem
                • Lacking sufficient personnel with the right skillsets
                • Misaligning processes

                Implementing a risk-based security approach whitepaper
                WHITE PAPER

                6 Steps to Implementing a Risk-Based Security Approach

                A mature information security program is built around an organization’s understanding of risk in the context of the needs of the business. This risk-based security approach can be used as one of the main methods of objectively identifying what security controls to apply, where they should be applied and when they should be applied.

                Strategy & Risk Management Solutions

                Enterprise strategic security consulting programs

                Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy & Risk Management Solutions

                For security leaders at larger organizations, changing business imperatives and operations can make the challenge of securing the organization a complex one. Secureworks security strategy consultants can help tie business strategy to security strategy and determine the best way forward.

                Enterprise risk management and assessment

                Enterprise Risk Management and Assessments

                Risk assessments provide guidance on which specific risk factors to monitor over time to ensure that different courses of action can be taken based on business strategy. Secureworks can help align stringent processes and controls based on the security framework that best supports your organization to mitigate risk.

                Enterprise information security (InfoSec) program development and assessments

                InfoSec Program Development & Assessments

                Address limited resources, implement best practices for security and meet compliance requirements by working in tandem with our Senior Security Consultants to design an effective corporate information security program or strengthen your current security posture.

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