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                The Regulatory Landscape is Complicated and Ever-Changing

                The regulatory landscape evolves with threats and risks organizations are likely to face. Enterprise compliance management requires an organization-wide approach to protecting and enhancing business initiatives by adopting a regulatory risk-awareness culture.

                Of organizations believe their security infrastructure facilitates compliance and regulatory enforcement

                of organizations admit they are reactive in meeting compliance mandates

                We dealt with some very capable people at Secureworks who have helped our business... As we grow, I’m sure we’ll engage Secureworks’ services again.

                Antoine Boatwright, Chief Technology Officer, Hillgate Travel

                Implementing Compliance Requirements & Solutions

                Secureworks solutions help keep risk at acceptable levels by implementing appropriate controls. Leverage these tools to effectively support business areas in their duty to comply with relevant laws, regulations and internal procedures.

                Understand Your Current State of Compliance

                Understand Your Current State of Compliance

                Our security and risk management consultants help you navigate the dizzying list of security compliance standards and frameworks, assess your current controls against requirements and guide subsequent changes that are required to meet these global requirements.

                • Controls & Compliance

                  A complete portfolio of assessment services to review and guide remediation of compliance gaps to help you focus on relevance of controls, add the most value or reduce risk.

                  Controls & Compliance →
                • PCI

                  Our consulting and remediation solutions help you meet PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and requirements.

                  PCI →
                • HIPAA

                  Our team of experts advise you on strengthening your security posture in an increasingly complex HIPAA environment.

                  HIPAA →
                • GDPR

                  Prepare your information security program for GDPR compliance with our consulting and remediation services.

                  GDPR →
                • ISO 27002

                  We help identify areas within your infrastructure that require attention and formalize your information security program.

                  ISO 27002 →
                Implement Controls and Solutions

                Implement Controls and Solutions

                Secureworks is 100% focused on security and provides a broad portfolio of information security solutions and security consulting services to help organizations meet, exceed and maintain compliance.

                • Program Development & Risk Management

                  Our consultants take a “security first” approach to compliance with the help of a more robust security and governance program for your organization.

                  Program Development and Risk Management →
                • Penetration Testing

                  Identify vulnerabilities and validate security defenses with our independent expertise and visibility.

                  Penetration Testing →
                • Log Management & Compliance Reporting

                  Powerful log management capabilities, including collection and indexing of logs to meet compliance and storage requirements.

                  Log Management & Compliance Reporting →
                • Vulnerability Management Services

                  Deploy dedicated vulnerability management to help minimize administration and maintenance burdens associated with vulnerabilities, so you can focus on protecting your assets and reducing risk to your business.

                  Vulnerability Management Services →
                security controls and compliance

                Gain Confidence in Your Compliance Program

                Our advisory, strategic and technical consulting portfolio helps you validate, test and audit for ongoing compliance management.

                • Audits & Attestation

                  Secureworks is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

                  Audits and Attestation →
                • Penetration Testing

                  Identify vulnerabilities and validate security defenses with our independent expertise and visibility.

                  Penetration Testing →
                • PCI Scanning

                  Secure your network, protect cardholder information, and achieve PCI compliance. We submit PCI scanning compliance reports directly to your acquiring bank(s), so you can complete and submit SAQs online

                  PCI Scanning →
                • Incident Response Retainer

                  Improve readiness and response times with a pre-negotiated contract for IR services.

                  Incident Management Retainer →
                • Proactive Incident Response

                  We stress test your IR process for the latest cyber threats.

                  Proactive Incident Response →

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