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              Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

              Elevate your security defenses needed to protect, detect and respond to advanced threats designed to evade traditional security controls

              Adversaries are getting more strategic and sophisticated in launching targeted attacks against your organization.

              They’ve learned to masquerade as normal behavior in your IT environment often going undetected for months or even years. Every second counts when detecting, responding to and eradicating an advanced threat to minimize the damage. Failing to prepare for and adapt to these evolving threats puts your organization a risk for downtime, financial loss, and damage to your brand.


              Discovered a breach by accident


              Discovered a breach 24 months later


              Days to detect an adversary

              Solutions - Detect Threats Earlier
              WHITE PAPER

              Detect Threats Earlier

              The earlier you detect a threat that has penetrated your security defenses, the lower your risk is of experiencing a data breach. You need the earliest possible warning of a compromise, which requires eliminating your blind spots and increasing your visibility across your entire IT environment.


              Protect Against Sophisticated Attacks

              Advanced adversaries strategically plan their attacks on your organization using a multi-phase approach. We know how to defend your organization from an advanced adversary, because we employ hard-to-find experts who think like they do. Whether our white hat hackers are attempting to penetrate your existing security controls to look for vulnerabilities or we’re analyzing potential zero-day malware samples delivered to your employees via email attachments, SecureWorks has you covered.

              Reduce the Effort and Cost to Respond

              It’s not if, but when you will experience an advanced threat that bypasses your perimeter defenses. The question is: how rapidly can you detect and respond to the threat? SecureWorks pinpoints exactly which systems are affected saving you costly incident response fees and we deliver the actionable guidance you need to act quickly and eradicate the threat.
              CASE STUDY

              Law Firm Protects Against Advanced Threats

              Arent Fox law firm engaged SecureWorks to strengthen its existing safeguards to stay ahead of advanced threats and validate client confidentiality assurances.

              Advanced Threat Protection Solutions

              Managed Detection and Response

              The SecureWorks Managed Detection and Response solution enables you to anticipate your attackers, detect their tradecraft, disrupt the kill chain and eradicate their presence in your environment.
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              Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection

              How can you know when an advanced threat actor penetrates your information security defenses, which systems are compromised, how they got in, and how to get them out? SecureWorks Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection service gives you the earliest possible warning that your endpoint systems may be hosting an advanced adversary.

              Advanced Malware Protection and Detection

              SecureWorks' Advanced Malware Protection and Detection service analyzes all of your email, file and web traffic to provide an elite layer of defense against emerging zero-day and unknown threats.

              Targeted Threat Hunting

              Armed with our proprietary hunting technology, the SecureWorks Targeted Threat Hunting service provides you with expert security consultants who perform a deep inspection of your environment to identify targeted threat indicators and potential attacker presence that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

              Red Team Testing

              You believe your security defenses are ready for anything attackers can throw at your organization. However, to put it to the test, you need Red Team Testing which simulates a real-world cyberattack. This allows you to improve detection and defenses, and to tune your existing devices to detect advanced methods.

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