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                Red Cloak™ Threat Detection & Response

                Tradecraft for the good guys

                We’ve helped you detect and respond to threats for 20 years. Now, Red Cloak™ Threat Detection and Response puts that power in your hands.

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                Red Cloak TDR

                We’ve seen it all before. Now you can too.

                Security software used to mean missed threats, useless alerts and tedious investigations that burdened your staff. Not anymore.

                We’ve obsessively studied threat actor tactics since 1999 and know the hallmarks of even the stealthiest of attack techniques. So, when Red Cloak Threat Detection & Response analyzes data from your environment, it applies our advanced analytics and threat intelligence to alert you to suspicious activity that needs attention.

                From there, investigation is simple and collaborative to get you to a conclusion fast. And when an incident requires a response, you can automate actions to contain incidents with minimal effort and maximum speed. The icing on the cake? We don’t charge by data consumption so you are free to process the security-relevant data you need to keep your organization safe.

                Years of attack & threat actor data

                IR engagements performed in the last year

                "Red Cloak TDR combines Secureworks' Red Cloak analytics with additional advanced tools previously unavailable to us. It’s picked up threats we wouldn’t have seen. Red Cloak TDR isn’t just the next generation of SIEM, it’s an evolution."
                DAVID LEVINE
                Detect Advanced Threats
                Detect Advanced Threats
                TIRED OF MISSING THREATS? Detect Advanced Threats

                Recognize adversary behavior

                We apply what we learn from incident response engagements in the field to your environment through behavioral analytics that detects the stealthiest of threat actor tactics with Tactic Graphs™.

                Gain a full view

                You’ll see the full story of your endpoint, network and cloud activity in a single dashboard that makes event correlation easy.

                Operationalize threat intelligence

                Automatically correlate our knowledge of the threat landscape to your security telemetry with built-in threat intelligence that’s continuously updated.

                White Papers

                How Secureworks Offers a Holistic Approach to Security

                The benefits of a flexible approach to cybersecurity

                Only a flexible approach to security can help you meet the evolving challenges of today's threat landscape


                Making Sense of MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations to Address Your Cybersecurity Needs

                Making Sense of MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations to Address Your Cybersecurity Needs

                Get a better understanding of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework and evaluations, including our perspective and results as a recent participant

                Trust Your Alerts
                Trust Your Alerts
                STUCK DROWNING IN NOISE? Trust Your Alerts

                Stop chasing false positives

                Deep learning and machine learning helps eliminate meaningless alerts and detect previously unknown threats.

                Rely on updated use cases

                We update the built-in use cases with fresh insights from our incident response engagements and threat intelligence to prepare you for emerging threats.

                Prioritize fast

                You’ll quickly see how serious each alert is so that you can prioritize where to investigate and respond first.

                Streamline & Collaborate
                Streamline & Collaborate
                SICK OF TEDIOUS INVESTIGATIONS? Streamline & Collaborate

                Empower your team

                Remove siloes and encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among security analysts.

                Paint a timeline of the attack

                See full attacker activity mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to speed up investigations and easily report up to leadership.

                Chat with an expert

                Unsure if you reached the right conclusion? Need to know how to respond? Use the chat box to get a second opinion from one of our experts.

                Automate the Right Action
                Automate the Right Action
                FRUSTRATED BY SLOW RESPONSE? Automate the Right Action

                React faster

                Act fast and minimize damage with software-driven response for common containment use cases.

                Respond with confidence

                We built this application around everything we’ve learned from 20 years in cybersecurity so that you can act with confidence.

                Less admin, more security

                Cloud-native software and easy installation frees you to focus on security, rather than platform administration.

                Detect, Investigate, and Respond to Advanced Attacks

                Managed Detection & Response

                Scale Your Team with a 24x7 Threat Detection & Response Unit​

                Red Cloak™ TDR is an easy to use application but some teams don’t have the staff or time to fully manage it on a 24x7 basis. If this sounds like your situation, we offer a managed Red Cloak TDR service to help you scale your team’s bandwidth and skill level.

                • Software-Driven, 24x7 Service

                  While we offer a 24x7 fully managed service, full access to Red Cloak TDR for your entire team is included

                • Proactive Threat Hunting

                  Any threat discovered by our vast intelligence base will continuously augment your defense posture

                • Incident Response

                  Incident Response hours are included to ensure you’re fully prepared for critical level events

                • Collaborative Investigations

                  Live chat with our analysts and receive periodic reviews of your security posture

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                Explore the Importance of Threat Detection and Responses

                Explore the Importance of Threat Detection and Responses

                Introducing Red Cloak Threat Detection & Response

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                Get a Tour of the Product and See How Our Detectors Work

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                The future of security, today.

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