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              Measure Controls Against Compliance & Best Practice

              Meet applicable mandates, streamline compliance practices and identify opportunities to better align your security and compliance processes.

              security controls and tools assessments

              Align Priorities

              Simplify management and control processes to minimize deviations or redundancies.
              Fill Gaps

              Fill Gaps

              Use an outcome-based methodology to go beyond identifying gaps and weaknesses.
              executive advisory

              Leverage Expertise

              Learn from consultants rigorously educated on the latest standards and controls.

              We dealt with some very capable people at Secureworks who have helped our business...As we grow, I’m sure we’ll engage Secureworks’ services again.

              Antoine Boatwright, Chief Technology Officer, Hillgate Travel

              Gain Actionable Outcomes and Priorities

              Understand business direction and vision, relevant organization structure, current and planned technology and key information security risks.

              Beyond the Check Box

              Understand compliance with industry mandates and standards in a broader security context.

              Navigate Requirements

              Get help to facilitate alignment with top security and industry standards: HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and more.

              Report Comprehensively

              Share findings through reports that include executive summary and methodology.

              Gain Insight

              Receive customized reporting and an optional roadmap and/or an Executive Level Presentation.

              Talk with an Expert

              Provide your details to speak with a security expert or call for general inquiries.

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