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              Maximize the Value of Your Firewall Investment

              Managed Firewall provides administration, monitoring and maintenance of firewall infrastructure, freeing clients from the burden of policy management, upgrades and patch deployment.

              Bolster Efficiency

              Bolster Efficiency

              Lifts operational duties from your staff to our firewall security experts.
              Maximize Visibility

              Maximize Visibility

              Delivers globalized view of ever-changing threat landscape.
              Protect Data

              Protect Data

              Provides around-the-clock firewall monitoring and management.

              Firewall management is a journey, and we have your navigation guide.

              Accelerate Effectiveness of Firewall Management

              Managed Firewall delivers around-the-clock security event and device health monitoring, management of upgrades, changes and patching, policy auditing, and intelligence-enhanced threat protection to help keep your environment safe.

              Firewall Expertise

              Apply best practices for firewall management by using our experienced security experts.

              Flexible Approach

              Retain aspects of firewall management as you prefer, or let us do everything.

              Threat Protection

              Boost your firewall security with 24x7 monitoring and the expertise to help protect, detect, and act.

              Satisfy Compliance

              Generate compliance reports on-demand via the Secureworks® Client Portal.
              Accelerating Threat Detection

              For an innovative manufacturing company like McLaren Group, nothing compares to speed. As McLaren’s security partner, we understand how vanishing perimeters and exponential data growth can throw an organization off course. Working in partnership, we apply machine learning as well as human and artificial intelligence to process 30 billion logs annually, prioritizing legitimate threats while cutting out the noise that can hinder productivity and innovation. By providing real-time visibility to threat actors across McLaren’s global operations, we help ensure their renowned lightning-fast innovation isn’t impeded by security threats or by analysis paralysis.

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