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              Advanced Technology & Threat Intelligence Network Protection

              Information security services span your network, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis. We extend your security operations to bridge people, processes and technology for 24x7 support.

              Organizations that discovered a breach by accident

              Organizations that discovered breaches two or more years after an incident

              Secureworks is in the Leader's Quadrant for Managed Security Services Worldwide

              Gartner Magic Quadrant, 2018

              Security Management

              Security Management

              Elite cyber threat intelligence combined with security expertise protects devices and data and provides continuous security monitoring and operational administration of managed devices to safeguard investments and meet compliance regulations.

              Security Management Services →
              • Managed Firewall

                Delivers 24x7 administration, monitoring and maintenance of client firewall infrastructure to preserve availability, integrity and privacy of information and defend against threats.

                Managed Firewall →
              • Managed IDS/IPS

                Provides 24x7 monitoring, maintenance and administration of IDS/IPS technology to eliminate malicious traffic with powerful countermeasures.

                Managed IDS/IPS →
              • Managed iSensor® IPS

                Our proprietary intrusion prevention system technology provides 24x7 monitoring, management and maintenance, using CTU® Threat Intelligence to enable countermeasures.

                Managed iSensor® IPS →
              • Managed Next Generation Firewall

                Provides 24x7 operational administration, monitoring and maintenance of client next generation firewalls with threat intelligence to enhance blocklist functionality.

                Managed Next Generation Firewall →
              • Managed Web Application Firewall

                Delivers 24x7 management and real-time monitoring of web application firewalls, with support for the entire WAF lifecycle: powerful protection without interrupting legitimate traffic.

                Managed Web Application Firewall →
              Advanced Threat Services

              Advanced Threat Services

              Prevent the threats you can and leverage elite cyber threat intelligence and global visibility to detect and respond to the threats you can’t prevent.

              Advanced Threat Services →
              • Managed Detection and Response

                Detect, disrupt and eradicate advanced threats targeting your organization. Our team of experts integrates solutions so you stay resilient to threats.

                Managed Detection and Response →
              • Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD)

                Delivers 24x7 monitoring of endpoint activity so you know when an advanced threat actor penetrates your defenses, which systems are compromised, how they got in and how to remove them as early as possible.

                Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection →
              • Advanced Endpoint Threat Prevention

                Protect your users and dramatically reduce the effort required to stop advanced threats that target your endpoints, no matter where or how they work.

                Advanced Endpoint Threat Prevention →
              • Advanced Malware Protection and Detection (AMPD)

                Our specialized security analysts combine vast intelligence with advanced technology to help you see, rapidly analyze and diagnose targeted zero-day threats.

                Advanced Malware Protection and Detection →
              • Advanced Remediation Management

                Delivers deeper event analysis with seamlessly integrated consulting built upon our CTP and cross-functional teams.

                Advanced Remediation Management →
              vulnerability management

              Vulnerability Management

              Secureworks Vulnerability Management performs internal and external scan audits across network devices, servers, web applications, databases, and other assets in on-premise and cloud environments.

              Vulnerability Management Services →
              • Vulnerability Program Management

                Deploy dedicated vulnerability management to help minimize administration and maintenance burdens associated with vulnerabilities, so you can focus on protecting your assets and reducing risk to your business.

                Vulnerability Program Management →
              • Vulnerability Scanning

                Discover network and information security vulnerabilities and mitigate risk. Our vulnerability management team helps eliminate administration and maintenance burdens and protect assets and reduce business risk.

                Vulnerability Scanning →
              • PCI Scanning

                Secure your network, protect cardholder information, and achieve PCI compliance. We submit PCI scanning compliance reports directly to your acquiring bank(s), so you can complete and submit SAQs online.

                PCI Scanning →
              • Web Application Scanning

                Find and prioritize web application vulnerabilities. Our on demand, automated, self-service vulnerability scanning of internal and external web-based apps safeguards data and satisfies regulatory requirements.

                Web Application Scanning →
              • Policy Compliance

                Define, document, and manage your security policy. Our actionable dashboard features include hosts, controls, technologies, and automated reporting — schedule detailed reports or configure for distribution.

                Policy Compliance →
              security monitoring

              Security Monitoring

              Delivers 24x7 real-time monitoring, correlation and expert analysis of your environment, using our Counter Threat Platform to eliminate false positives and detect valid threats.

              Security Monitoring Services →
              • Log Management & Compliance Reporting

                Delivers 24x7 full lifecycle administration, management and maintenance of log collection technologies enhanced with compliance reporting, providing alerts on real security events.

                Log Management & Compliance Reporting →
              • Security Event Monitoring

                Delivers 24x7 real-time monitoring, correlation and expert analysis of security activity occurring in your environment, driven by our intelligence platform and expert security analysts.

                Security Event Monitoring →

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