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                Network + Endpoints

                Unifying Visibility, Capabilities and Intelligence for Action

                Speaker: Aaron Hackworth
                Recorded :
                Duration: 60 Minutes

                Advanced and evasive threats are growing exponentially and getting harder to detect. Adversaries are continuing to get more sophisticated and targeted in their attacks even sometimes gaining access to your company’s network by "living off the land" and using little to no malware at all. Unified visibility and interpretation of all of the data across your network and endpoints has never been so valuable to ensure that your team is able to accurately detect and quickly respond threats to your organization.

                Attend this webinar to learn more about the benefits of unifying visibility across your network and endpoint with the right intelligence, people and processes to enable you to reduce the time to detect and effort to respond by answering the following questions:

                • Is there an advanced threat actor present on my network or endpoints?
                • Who is behind the attack?
                • How did they get in?
                • What did they take?
                • Which systems have been compromised?
                • How do I best repair the damage quickly and get them out?

                In addition, we'll go over analyst insights and predictions about industry trends as well as specific use cases examples from the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit™ security intelligence research team that showcase how our clients are leveraging endpoint and network visibility to significantly reduce their risk as well as costs to respond to identified threats.

                Fill out the form below to learn how combining network security services and endpoint security services can better improve your security posture against advanced and evasive cyber threats.

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