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                Improving Incident Response Outcomes

                How to Defend Faster and Reduce Risk More Effectively in the Face of a Cyberattack

                Improving Incident Response Outcomes
                Speaker: Matthew Webster, Senior Security Researcher, Secureworks Counter Threat Unit
                Available : Live online
                Duration: 1 Hour, Starting 2 PM EDT

                All too often companies are learning the hard way — during an incident — how they could have been better prepared to stop the threat or reduce the damage. Join us for a one hour webcast, hosted by SC Magazine, featuring the key findings of Secureworks newly-released Incident Response Insights Report 2018: Risks, Remedies, and Best Practices for Defending Against Cyber Threats.

                Webcast takeaways will include:

                • Threat and attack trends identified by responders in 2017.
                • Lessons learned by organizations in a wide variety of incident response (IR) scenarios.
                • Key recommendations for IR planning, practices and capabilities that improve security defenses and mitigate business risk.
                • Live Q&A with experts from our Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) and Incident Response team.

                In 2017, Secureworks’ team of incident responders helped hundreds of organizations navigate through complex and high-risk security incidents. Now the top insights from those collective engagements will be shared by speakers from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit and Incident Response practice.

                This program offers the support you need to prepare better for emerging threats, understand how you might be vulnerable, and respond more effectively when an incident does occur. Program content is appropriate for cybersecurity leaders, incident responders, CIOs, CTOs, and executives with responsibility for enterprise risk management.

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