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                Vulnerability Threat Prioritization

                Identify the Most Critical Vulnerabilities in Your Environment

                High-performing IT Security teams know that a best practice for vulnerability management is integrating internal vulnerability scanning with external threat feeds. But this is easier said than done.

                Unfortunately, there’s no simple way to bring together scan data and threat intelligence, and doing so often requires hours of work in order to analyze, integrate, and prioritize the data.

                SecureWorks’ Vulnerability Threat Prioritization, delivered as a service, correlates external Internet threat and exploit data with user vulnerability data to monitor, measure, and prioritize vulnerability remediation across your environment. Results, including risk meter visualizations, are displayed within a dedicated business intelligence dashboard, as well as a consolidated, intelligent view of their scan, asset, patch, penetration and other data.

                Vulnerability Threat Prioritization benefits:
                • Effective identification of security threats
                • Scanning automatically or on-demand
                • Single, real-time view of risk
                • Visualize volume and velocity of threats
                • Comprehensive and integrated reporting through the SecureWorks Client Portal

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