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                Shelby American Boosts Threat Visibility

                Shelby American, a world-renowned, high-performance car manufacturer, had to prove to both its bank and biggest partner that its cybersecurity is ironclad

                Business Need:

                As a small company with a big name, Shelby American offers threat actors a big target, possibly putting at risk its intellectual property and critical relationships with the bank and its largest partner, Ford Motor Company. This priceless combination is core to its enterprise viability and required world-class cybersecurity.


                The company strengthened its security posture and improved its threat visibility while lowering its risk profile by engaging Secureworks for penetrating testing of its safeguards and PCI compliance testing.


                • Protects key partnerships
                • Improves threat visibility
                • Increases intrusion responsiveness
                • Meets PCI compliance
                • Saves 250 hours a year in IT staff time

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