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                Security Maturity Model

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                • A detailed breakdown of your responses and how these compare to your industry peers

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                Maturity Model

                What is Maturity Modeling?

                Maturity Modeling is a pragmatic methodology for evaluating your cybersecurity maturity and identifying next steps in your organization's security journey. It measures your current state of maturity and identifies areas that will progress your security posture to the appropriate state. It allows organizations to confidently communicate to business stakeholders and the board that you understand your current state of security and where the gaps exist, enabling better discussions with the business about what is needed to achieve the desired state of security maturity and the development of a roadmap for getting there. Organizations can leverage the results of the survey to identify and prioritize the right initiatives to address next in your security roadmap so that you can, invest more wisely in your program, reduce compliance risk exposure and manage cybersecurity risk and protect business value.

                What Makes The Secureworks Model Unique?

                In a word, risk. Secureworks Security Maturity Model is a holistic, risk-based, business-driven approach to evaluating cybersecurity maturity based on an organization’s business operations and risk profile. The model provides organizations with a pragmatic approach to evaluating their current security maturity and targeting areas for improvement. It combines control requirements from well-known frameworks such as NIST and ISO27001 to create a consolidated model addressing the most critical security domains and capabilities to meet today’s risk focused requirements. We believe this is a valuable tool that can be used by security teams, CISO’s, Executives and Boards to have a clear picture of their organizations’ risks, to help prioritize their security strategy to allow them to make the decisions that will advance them on their security journey.

                Introducing the Secureworks Security Maturity Model

                The Secureworks Security Maturity Model is a holistic, risk-based, business-driven approach to evaluating cybersecurity maturity based on an organization’s business operations and risk profile. It is designed to help organizations understand their current state in order to develop strategies for improving their security posture.

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                White Paper 5 Critical Steps to a More Mature Security Posture

                This paper sets out to explain how to move through five key stages that you can tailor to your organizational needs – Plan, Buy In, Execute, Evolve and Future Proof. It contains vital information and proactive strategies that may be valuable to organizations at all stages of cybersecurity maturity and will assist you in assessing what you can do alone and where you need help. This paper discusses both tactical improvements for less mature growth companies and strategic integration of cyber risk management for larger enterprises.

                Inherent Risk Quiz

                Quickly define, on a scale of 1-4, the amount of risk posed based on your organization’s characteristics, activities and connections.

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                Secureworks Security Maturity Model
                White Paper Secureworks Security Maturity Model

                The Secureworks Security Maturity Model aligns with universally adopted security standards, while also drawing from the best practices rigor Secureworks has distilled from studying the outcomes achieved by its 4,000+ clients around the world.

                Download the white paper to learn more about the Secureworks Security Maturity Model and how it can help your organization on its security maturity journey.

                Security Maturity: Mapping the Road to Resilience

                In early 2018 Secureworks surveyed 350 organizations employing more than 250 individuals, across multiple sectors, to build up a picture of how they are responding to cyber threats. There were some interesting commonalities between organizations in different maturity tiers as they progress through their maturity journey. This E-Book deep dives these commonalities and discuss things all organizations should consider as they think through their security strategy.

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