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                Cybersecurity Awareness Resources


                October was National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

                Maintaining a secure network is a critical concern for any modern business. Dangerous malware activity, phishing schemes, and other cyber attacks breach valuable company data every day. Since cyber threats constantly evolve, it can be a challenge to simply stay ahead of the latest network security protocol for optimum malware protection, let alone protection against advanced adversaries.

                During National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Secureworks will help you understand the best practices to achieve a secure network. Each week, follow the National Cyber Security Awareness themes to learn about the major facets of network security. Explore insights from our expert cybersecurity team, attend informative it security webinars, and dive into the latest cybersecurity reports for valuable risk management tactics. This National Cyber Security Awareness Month, let’s work together to make each month safer than the last.



                TrickBot Modifications Target U.S. Mobile Users Read More


                Cyber Safety Begins at Home - Six Top Tips Read More

                Cybersecurity is our Shared Responsibility

                Organizations and individuals alike have become more reliant on our digitally connected world, making it critical that we work together to create a more secure online environment. To help raise cybersecurity awareness, we will be sharing new tips and some of our most popular resources that support online safety at home, in the office, or on-the-go. Together, we can help reinforce strong security hygiene that can help reduce risk and enable smart innovation.

                Secureworks is proud to be a #CyberAware champion.

                Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Threats and Best Practices

                There’s an epidemic of cybersecurity threats; no one’s data is safe. Cybersecurity awareness training is essential knowledge that enterprises can’t afford to overlook.

                Webcast Creating the SOC of the Future

                The Security Operation Center or SOC has historically played the important role as the ‘command and control’ hub for an organization’s cybersecurity efforts. However, the reactive SOC of yester-year cannot keep up with today’s advanced adversaries and is failing to keep organizations safe from unknown cyber threats. This must change.

                Determining the True Costs of a Data Breach
                White Paper Determining the True Costs of a Data Breach

                According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the number of data breaches tracked in the United States reached an all-time high of 1,579 in 2017. This represents a 44.7% increase over the number of breaches reported in 2016. As of July 2, 2018, there have been 668 breaches consisting of 22,408,258 exposed records.

                When an incident occurs, the natural reaction is to think about the short-term impact. Most companies focus on assessing the damage; developing a response; and securing funds to pay for fines, legal fees, consulting third parties, and consumer identity protection services. The real challenge is to mitigate risk to the organization from the long-term effects, such as class-action lawsuits, damage to brand reputation, erosion of consumer trust, and lost business opportunities. This paper takes an in-depth look at the true costs - both short and long term - of a data breach, and provides steps and tips that executive teams and security leaders can use to determine and reduce the true cost of a data breach.

                Recent high-profile breaches have resulted in executive shakeups and measurable breach costs as high as nine figures after insurance and deductions. However, calculating the intangible long-term costs is difficult due to the many variables that can negatively impact the bottom line. Organizations that have experienced recent data breaches are still in the process of uncovering these costs, such as: business opportunities lost due to the distraction of these crises, erosion of investor and consumer confidence, abnormal churn, and increased acquisition costs just to name a few. Before delving into these costs and how to assess and develop effective strategies, it's important to understand the nature of the threat.


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