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                Cybersecurity Awareness Resources

                October was National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

                Maintaining a secure network is a critical concern for any modern business. Dangerous malware activity, phishing schemes, and other cyber attacks breach valuable company data every day. Since cyber threats constantly evolve, it can be a challenge to simply stay ahead of the latest network security protocol for optimum malware protection, let alone protection against advanced adversaries.

                During National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Secureworks will help you understand the best practices to achieve a secure network. Each week, follow the National Cyber Security Awareness themes to learn about the major facets of network security. Explore insights from our expert cybersecurity team, attend informative it security webinars, and dive into the latest cybersecurity reports for valuable risk management tactics. This National Cyber Security Awareness Month, let’s work together to make each month safer than the last.



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                Cybersecurity is our Shared Responsibility

                Organizations and individuals alike have become more reliant on our digitally connected world, making it critical that we work together to create a more secure online environment. To help raise cybersecurity awareness, we will be sharing new tips and some of our most popular resources that support online safety at home, in the office, or on-the-go. Together, we can help reinforce strong security hygiene that can help reduce risk and enable smart innovation.

                Secureworks is proud to be a #CyberAware champion.

                Cybersecurity Programs of the Future

                What Will ‘Bench Strength’ Look Like?

                The security perimeter is vanishing with the adoption of BYOD and remote workforce policies, creating new ways for employees to be the entry point for threat actors. As they face these more complex environments, security teams are looking for a boost from artificial intelligence to safeguard assets on premise, off premise and in the cloud. With simply too many technologies generating too much data to manage, plus a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals, it’s time to look at new strategies for staying ahead of the curve. By addressing today’s common people-centric risk factors, organizations can better define and plan for tomorrow’s success, optimizing their security investments, minimizing risk and enabling innovation.

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                Protecting Your Information Assets in a Data-Driven Economy

                Every company today is now a data company. Organizations are assigning capital value to data assets and in a climate where data breaches are commonplace, cybersecurity is not only an IT function – it drives the bottom line. With businesses becoming increasingly reliant on technology, SecureWorks CTO, Jon R. Ramsey, explains how the quality and efficacy of algorithms have become fundamental to making better business decisions, more efficiently.

                Security In the Boardroom: Earning and Using Your Seat at the Table
                Webcast Security In the Boardroom: Earning and Using Your Seat at the Table

                This on-demand webinar will provide tips for successfully navigating the expanding role of the Chief Information Security Officer as an essential business leader. Explore leading practices for managing cybersecurity risk as a people, process and IT leader.

                Get tips for building a working relationship with other executive stakeholders in audit, compliance and enterprise risk. And hear how other CISOs are establishing more productive reporting relationships with the board of directors. Whether you’d like to expand your role as a risk and security professional, gain more executive support for key initiatives, or improve your relationship with the board, you’ll take away actionable insights to apply to your own journey as an essential business leader.

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