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                Network Security Testing

                Protect Your Network From Even the Most Advanced Cybersecurity Threats

                The only way to know how well your network infrastructure will hold up under an attack from real-world cybercriminals is to test your network with security experts capable of thinking and acting just like them. White hats or ethical hackers can help you know for sure.

                A network under attack is not fun. It disrupts business, creates chaos and puts all eyes on you to fix the problem. Threat actors continue to hone their tradecraft meaning that even if your network received an A+ in security yesterday, it may not tomorrow. Reacting to an event puts the threat actor in control. Proactive security—tested thoroughly—puts you back in control quickly, reducing risks and costs.

                What Differentiates Secureworks Technical Testers

                In this video, David Langlands, Director of Secureworks Technical Testing covers the qualifications we look for in our technical testers and the rigorous process candidates are put through to not only identify their skillset but their ability to communicate and delight our clients.

                Network security testing helps you understand how threat actors might penetrate your network through vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, or network equipment tests of fax machines, modems and Wi-Fi devices.

                Security experts work with you to determine the cybersecurity assessments and tests right for your network to identify ways to strengthen your security posture. Because your people can also pose a risk to your network, social engineering tests can identify if your employees need training so they help you become more defensive.

                Network Security Testing Solutions

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