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                Governance, Risk and Compliance

                Address cyber threats while remaining accountable to business objectives

                Key Benefits

                Alignment of business objectives and risks to the security strategy

                Organization wide buy-in with effective resource allocation

                Plan and build the operational structure to create a new or update an existing program

                Identification of regulatory requirement gaps and meet mandates

                Secureworks Governance, Risk and Compliance portfolio is a collection of services designed to create, adapt and operationalize a security strategy that addresses your organization’s most likely threats and top risks while remaining accountable to business objectives. Consequently, we help your security function become adaptable to business performance drivers without increased risk or gaps in compliance mandates.

                What do we help you answer?

                • How do we identify our risks, manage them and mitigate efficiently?
                • Is our level of cybersecurity investment tied to the organization’s business objectives, top risks and roadmap?
                • How do we assess our program’s current state and roadmap for improvement?
                • How do we define duties and get buy-in for enforcement of policies?
                • Do we have the right controls in place?
                • How do we prioritize changes, review operations and implement evolving regulatory requirements?

                Governance, Risk and Compliance

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