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              Merger & Acquisition Advisement

              Ensure cybersecurity due diligence is part of the strategic merger and acquisition conversation early, assess your exposure and mitigate risk

              Unfortunately, some of the last people to know about a merger and acquisition are IT and security teams.

              Many times these teams find themselves coming in at the last minute to discuss technical implications on how companies will merge or break apart only to find strategic implications were overlooked. Often this leads to increased risk of the acquiring or acquired company as accelerated timeframes do not allow organizations to properly assess vulnerabilities and their potential risks to the business impact of the organization.

              SecureWorks Merger & Acquisition Advisement service is designed by former CISOs and Business Leaders to help organizations assess business and technical risks to the acquiring or acquired organization from a holistic merger and acquisition perspective. Given that no merger and acquisition is the same, our service is customized for every engagement based on a proprietary merger and acquisition risk assessment framework with the underlying goal of helping your organization determine:

              • What are the questions we need to answer from an information security risk management perspective to determine if this M&A should happen?
              • What is the process for bringing these organizations together? How do we mitigate security risk with accelerated timeframes?
              • What cyber vulnerabilities exist within each organization and how could they be exploited when brought together?
              • Is there lost value or should the price of the acquired organization change due to cyber vulnerabilities they have that must be remediated?
              • How will the organization be exposed during the merger process?
              • What synergies can be capitalized on from a technology or vendor perspective?
              • What redundancies can be eliminated and what is the process to ensure continuity?

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