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                Advisory CISO Services

                Not every organization is ready for a CISO. Bridge the gap.

                Key Benefits

                Alternative to staff augmentation or hiring a CISO

                Expertise and advisement from a pool of former CISOs

                Consumption on as-needed-basis

                Fills gaps in key strategic security components

                Advisory CISO Services

                In this video, Ashley Ferguson, Global Director of Executive Advisory Services cover Secureworks Advisory CISO Services. This comprehensive service is delivered out of Secureworks Executive Advisory Center and includes the strategic components that a normal CISO would deliver but from a collective pool of former CISOs that utilize a network effect.

                For many organizations, hiring a dedicated CISO is a big step toward building a comprehensive information security program.

                However, as each organization is unique, the roles and responsibilities of a CISO can also vary from company to company. Many organizations are not ready to hire a full-time CISO or have not fully defined what a successful CISO’s responsibilities look like within their organization. These organizations still need the strategic guidance and knowledge a traditional CISO brings to the overall security strategy.

                Secureworks Advisory CISO Service was designed to take an alternative approach to traditional staff augmentation or CISO-in-a-box. Instead, the service focuses on delivering the strategic components that a CISO would normally deliver, but from a collective pool of former CISOs that utilize Secureworks knowledge sharing and the latest threat intelligence. This allows the client to consume the consulting service when needed based on gaps in the following areas:

                • Security strategy development
                • Intelligence integration
                • Industry expertise
                • Board and Executive briefings
                • On-site presentations and strategy sessions

                Executive Advisory Services

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