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              Security & Risk Consulting

              Assess, Enhance, and Design Security Programs That Strengthen Your Security Posture

              Technical Testing

              Get expert testing to find and assess security vulnerabilities and risk. Whether testing your applications, networks, employees or your team, you'll be armed with new ways to strengthen your organization’s security posture against cyber threats.

              Governance and Risk

              Assess your current-state against prominent security frameworks and best practices, and design a security roadmap tailored to your business, risk tolerance, and strategic security goals.

              Strategic Security Consulting

              For security leaders at larger organizations, changing business imperatives and operations can make the challenge of securing the organization a complex one. Take advantage of our highly-credentialed security consultants to help you articulate the best way forward.

              Security Design and Architecture

              Identify gaps in your security architecture with an evaluation of your system models, interactions, and infrastructure. We can help you prioritize your resources and design a security architecture to safeguard your critical assets.

              Security Residency and Implementation

              Experienced security professionals are hard to find. With access to elite threat intelligence, our expert residents can help you design, implement, and manage full-scale security programs to protect your organization against cyber threats.


              Gain access to experts who can help you meet applicable mandates, streamline compliance practices, and identify opportunities to better align your security and compliance processes.