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              Managed Advanced Malware Protection

              Maximize Your Investment in Advanced Malware Protection

              Traditional security controls are designed to identify known malware signatures. Managed Advanced Malware Protection (MAMP) uses signature-less methods to detect custom malware in your environment and prevent its delivery.

              You work hard to educate your employees about security awareness, but cyber criminals are working harder to deceive them with phishing emails and web content downloads that will help them gain a foothold in your environment.

              MAMP amplifies the power of your investment in FireEye to help prevent this from happening. MAMP combines managed services and cyber intelligence from our Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) research team to stop advanced threats in the initial stages of attack and keep attackers from establishing a foothold in your environment. The service also takes the 24x7 monitoring and management of FireEye email and web security appliances off your security team's to-do list, including applying the latest patches and upgrades. This reduces the risk of protection gaps due to poorly maintained or improperly configured systems.

              Device health is monitored continuously for event flow anomalies and other risks to availability and to ensure optimal performance. Daily appliance backups ensure that recovery will be swift in the event of system failure.

              Should you use other managed security services provided by us, MAMP can be integrated with them to create a more holistic, defense-in-depth security strategy. Also available is a premium service level that provides you with a deep dive analysis of the malware threat and insight into the threat context when needed.

              Managed Malware Protection Key Benefits:

              • Maximize FireEye investment: streamline the management and monitoring of your FireEye products
              • Optimize performance: ensure ideal configuration settings and latest device updates
              • Protect systems data: 24x7 monitoring to alert you to threats before damage is done
              • Intelligently respond: respond appropriately with deeper insights into the malware attack

              Learn more about how SecureWorks ensures complete client satisfaction and quicker time to value with onboarding and advanced integration services.

              Managed Security Services Integration

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