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                Advanced Managed Next Gen Firewall

                Secureworks delivers powerful threat intelligence into Palo Alto Next Generation Firewalls

                Today's networks face unprecedented security and availability challenges.

                Attacks such as web-based exploit kits, malware, application-layer attacks, and targeted threats, coupled with the evolution of cloud technology and web-based applications have introduced additional layers of complexity. As a result, traditional detection technologies and methods are proving insufficient to effectively combat today's threats. To successfully protect their networks, organizations need a combination of technology, expertise, and trusted intelligence.

                The Secureworks Advanced Managed Palo Alto Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) service enhances existing Palo Alto NGFW capabilities through the inclusion of our Attacker Database into the platform, using its dynamic blocklist functionality. By combining this threat intelligence into the FW device, Secureworks delivers an additional level of protection to our clients by proactively blocking traffic to known malicious domain names and IP addresses.

                This defense-in-depth approach provides:

                • Peace of mind through proactive protection from known threat actors
                • Ease of use via automatic updates of the Attacker Database blocklists on a scheduled basis (every hour)
                • Granular control and in-depth protection from breaches
                • Powered by the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™

                Learn more about how Secureworks ensures complete client satisfaction and quicker time to value with onboarding and advanced integration services.

                Managed Security Services Integration

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