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              Enhance Security Operations with Elite Cyber Threat Intelligence

              The Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) research team analyzes threat data across our global client base and actively monitors the threat landscape.

              Identify Threats

              Identify Threats

              Our expert team of 70+ CTU researchers use a wide variety of commercial and proprietary toolsets to produce, analyze and validate threat intelligence.
              Protect Proactively

              Protect Proactively

              The latest findings are quickly applied to security device signatures and policies, attacker black lists, event correlation, threat analysis and response procedures.
              Close the Gap

              Close the Gap

              When anomalous activity is detected, our CTU researchers perform thorough analysis to discover new attack techniques and threats.

              Collection of Threat Data

              Our CTU collects threat data such as: MSS client telemetry, Incident Response and Targeted Threat Hunting engagements, Third Party / OSINT news reports, Botnet Tracking, and CTU research initiatives.

              Applied Intelligence

              Applied Intelligence

              CTU Intelligence are applied to security device signatures, policies, attacker black lists, event correlation, threat analysis and response procedures.



              Threat bulletins issued in 2017

              Threat artifacts stored

              Unique threat indicators managed and updated daily

              Threat groups monitored

              Targeted Threat Hunting
              Targeted Threat Hunting

              Find threat vectors and hostile actors before they attack. Threat Hunting applies targeted intelligence to discover compromises and implement innovative solutions before an incident.

              Cyber Intelligence as a Free Lunch: Buyer Beware

              At the end of the day, there is no substitute for intelligence that has been produced by trusted and experienced analysts, assessed for its true impact and applied with urgency and context.

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