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              Cloud Security

              Get an End-to-End Security Framework For All Stages of Your Cloud Deployments

              Cloud computing is transforming IT and increasing global collaboration for organizations of all sizes.

              Security and data protection are integral for cloud success and yet organizations may not be aware of security infrastructure implications or best practices. Organizations with data and applications in the cloud
              must be confident with the security of these services, networks, and architectures.

              Our cloud security experts help you reduce your risk, enhance your compliance posture, and increase peace of mind. Depending on where you are in your cloud journey, SecureWorks has security services to help protect your data and applications.

              If security concerns are holding you back from cloud adoption or full migration, expert consultants can work with you to:
              • Define a security strategy that encompasses both cloud and
                on-premise assets
              • Conduct a risk assessment to determine business critical assets
                in the cloud
              • Design a cloud deployment architecture with you

              If you are planning to expand your cloud infrastructure, we can: 
              • Clarify what critical assets you need to protect and prioritize
                security measures
              • Review your cloud security architecture and prioritize
                security measures
              • Test your cloud systems for vulnerabilities to minimize cyber risk

              Cloud Services