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                penetration testing

                Business Imperatives

                Penetration Testing for Cloud and Hybrid Networks

                Kirk Trychel - Secureworks Adversary Group

                Although cloud-based resources may be managed by an external provider, it is important to ensure they are secure. Compromised cloud services can impact an organization’s internal network and operations. Read More

                Digital Transformation Research & Intelligence

                How Adversarial Testing Complements Incident Response

                Jake Dorval and Jeffrey Carpenter

                Combining the specialized skills from Secureworks® Incident Response and Adversarial Security Testing in a single engagement delivers results that supersede traditional delivery models. Read More

                Business Imperatives

                Vulnerability Scanning vs. Penetration Testing

                Patrick Barnett - IT Security

                Vulnerability scans and penetration tests are very different from each other, but both serve important functions for protecting a networked environment Read More

                Business Imperatives Research & Intelligence

                Cybersecurity Myths That Just Won’t Die, Part 2

                Brian Kime

                Continuing our top cybersecurity myths, our security experts reveal common misconceptions businesses struggle with when it comes to protecting their environments. Read More