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                Category: Research & Intelligence
                Research & Intelligence

                OAuth’s Device Code Flow Abused in Phishing Attacks

                Secureworks Adversary Group and Counter Threat Unit Research Team

                Threat actors can abuse legitimate and even verified OAuth applications to conduct phishing attacks. Secureworks has developed the PhishInSuits tool to enable organizations to simulate these attacks and improve defenses. Read More

                Research & Intelligence

                The Importance of Network Inventories and Diagrams

                Patrick Barnett and John Hollenberger

                The availability of up-to-date asset inventories and network diagrams, particularly for critical systems, can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of incident response and recovery efforts. Read More

                Research & Intelligence

                Threat Hunting as an Official Cybersecurity Discipline

                Secureworks Counter Threat Unit

                Now that threat hunting is recognized as an official discipline by NIST, Secureworks explains what that means for companies who want to implement threat hunting, supplement their own programs, or partner with others. Read More

                Research & Intelligence

                Behind the Scenes of a Secureworks Cyber Competition

                Counter Threat Unit Research Team

                The capture-the-flag (CTF) competition at the Threat Intelligence Summit challenged participants in areas such as forensics, malware analysis, and threat intelligence. Read More

                Digital Transformation Research & Intelligence

                How Adversarial Testing Complements Incident Response

                Jake Dorval and Jeffrey Carpenter

                Combining the specialized skills from Secureworks® Incident Response and Adversarial Security Testing in a single engagement delivers results that supersede traditional delivery models. Read More