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                Category: Research & Intelligence
                Research & Intelligence

                Behind the Scenes of a Secureworks Cyber Competition

                Counter Threat Unit Research Team

                The capture-the-flag (CTF) competition at the Threat Intelligence Summit challenged participants in areas such as forensics, malware analysis, and threat intelligence. Read More

                Digital Transformation Research & Intelligence

                How Adversarial Testing Complements Incident Response

                Jake Dorval and Jeffrey Carpenter

                Combining the specialized skills from Secureworks® Incident Response and Adversarial Security Testing in a single engagement delivers results that supersede traditional delivery models. Read More

                Research & Intelligence

                Preparing for Post-Intrusion Ransomware

                Counter Threat Unit Research Team

                This evolving and brutally effective threat can have a significant impact on an organization’s resources, finances, and reputation, but it can be stopped Read More