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                SecureWorks at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2017 on Sept 18th and 19th

                Learn about the critical role visibility plays in a strong security plan By: Secureworks

                On September 18th and 19th, join SecureWorks at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2017 where Don Smith, director of SecureWorks Cyber Intelligence Cell (CIC) will present on 'Aperture, Threats, Health and Cleanliness: Breaking the cycle of failure in cyber security'.

                The event will be held at InterContinental London - The O2, Waterview Drive, London SE10 0TW, United Kingdom.

                One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is to reap the full benefits of their digital assets and infrastructure while remaining secure in the face of ever growing and mutating cyber threats. Gartner's Security & Risk Management Summit 2017 will explore both proven practices and innovative technologies and methods to help manage increasing cybersecurity risks without unnecessarily inhibiting business operation and success.

                One of the fundamental bulwarks against cyber attacks is effective network defence. However in order for defence to be effective, organisations must have visibility. In his presentation Don will argue that, in a world where security attacks, whether commodity such as ransomware or targeted like IP theft, are coming hard and fast every single day, visibility is essential for a successful cybersecurity posture.

                Using examples of real world attacks, Don will discuss the crucial role visibility plays in effective network defence. How does the aperture into your environment determine success and failure? How can you use visibility of the threat to your advantage? How can visibility enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls? What about the visibility and understanding of your deployed IT estate? The insight you gain may reveal that you already own everything you need to defend your network.

                Book today to make sure you don't miss Don's presentation, which will take place on September 19th at 12pm.

                Read the full details at the SecureWorks United Kingdom website

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