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                Digital Transformation

                Michael Dell Talks Security

                By: Ashley Vandiver

                During the 2012 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit (, held in the Washington, D.C. area on June 11-14, Michael Dell sat down for a fireside chat with distinguished industry analysts, Neil MacDonald and Erik Paulak, for a keynote entitled, "The MasterMind Interview." While there may have been some speculation at the summit as to why Michael Dell would deliver a keynote at a security conference, the fact is, that Dell has made several strategic investments in IT-Security. For instance, the 2011 acquisition of SecureWorks, a noted industry leader in managed security services, and the recent acquisition of SonicWALL, a noted leader in the unified threat management (UTM) market, reinforces Dell's position as a key player in the enterprise-focused firewall and secure email gateway market as well as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN market. In front of thousands of attendees, Mr. Dell spoke about recent investments in IT security, asserting "yes" when asked if security is one of the Company's top initiatives moving forward.

                Although the conversation spanned several topics of strategic importance to Dell, including IT-Industry hot topics such as Big Data, cloud and mobility computing, the underlying theme remained focused on security and the emphasis that Dell has put on enabling its customers to embrace innovation while protecting data. Dell's CEO also discussed how an organization, regardless of its size,  identifies "security at the very top of their priority list for just about every customer we have talked to." Mr. Dell concluded the conversation saying, "We will bring together assets from all of Dell's acquisitions to provide a more secure experience" solidifying Dell's vision to be a key player in security. Dell is investing in IT-Security Solutions because the Company sees it as a pervasive need for its customers to "Do More" with the End-to-End IT Solutions that Dell provides.

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