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                Cybersecurity Threat Insights from the Eye of the Storm

                Our experts dive into the fundamental security challenges organizations face in an ever-evolving threat landscape By: Secureworks

                As problematic as cyber-attacks are, every security incident offers the opportunity for a lesson learned.

                In the 2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights Report for Leaders report we share the lessons gleaned from an analysis of 163 client engagements over the course of the first half of 2016. More than any other, one simple truth comes shining through the strongest – organizations need to go back to basics.

                An over-reliance on technology, taking a compliance-first approach instead of focusing of risk, and a lack of knowledge of the tactics of attackers are all among the factors challenging security. Gaining insight into how and why attacks are successful is critical to addressing each of these challenges. For example, while organizations are often focused on targeted attacks, commodity threats are often the bigger risk – just 12 percent of the incident engagements SecureWorks handled in the first half of 2016 involved targeted attacks. In addition, while sophisticated malware often makes the most headlines, phishing was the most common initial access vector our experts encountered.

                But phishing is far from the only way we saw attackers break in. Third-party security breaches cannot be ignored either. From the partner ecosystem to the desktop inside your enterprise, cybersecurity has never been more complex.

                Dig inside the 2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights Report for Leaders report and you will find the type of insights that make good security programs tick, and that will enable you to build better defenses around your employees and data.

                State of Cybersecurity from the Eye of the Storm Infographic

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