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                Breaking New Ground: Tackling Cybersecurity Challenges in Central Europe

                In the wake of high profile data breaches, organizations worldwide are struggling to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving threat landscape. By: Radboud Beumer

                2017 saw numerous breaches that caused cybersecurity headaches for business leaders, governments, and cybersecurity professionals alike. We had to tackle global ransomware infections like WannaCry and NotPetya; thousands of accounts being compromised during the Equifax breach; and evolving threats like Bad Rabbit spreading through computer networks in Russia and Ukraine.

                Faced with such threats, cybersecurity has found its way onto the agenda of business leaders across the world, and the Central European region is no different. Large, medium and small businesses are looking to invest in private cybersecurity measures as a response to the growing cyber threat. However, Secureworks’ experience suggests that simply investing in new, expensive technologies rarely translates into increased security. In fact, according to the 2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights Report for Leaders, businesses should instead focus on optimizing their existing security investments and gaining insight into the current tools, tactics and procedures of cybercriminals.

                As business leaders are looking to remain safe from cybercrime, Secureworks® cybersecurity professionals diligently work to maintain unmatched visibility into the ever-evolving threat landscape to help business leaders achieve their security goals and operate in a safer online environment. At Secureworks, we are dedicated to this goal – to outsmart and outwit cybercriminals and adversaries, anticipate attacks, and work with organisations to help them meet their expected security outcomes.

                This dedication is one of the reasons why I recently joined Secureworks as the Regional Director for Central Europe. The region is in the midst of building up its cybersecurity defenses, and I am excited to help Secureworks on its journey in assisting to create a safer online environment for businesses and individuals. Having previously held positions as a Regional Director and Vice President at companies such as Intel Security/McAfee and RSA Security, I am bringing my 17 years of experience in IT security on board to lead a team of cybersecurity professionals across Central Europe (Nordics, Dach, Benelux, France & Southern Europe). We are working toward unleashing the value of cybersecurity investments made by Central European regional business leaders, to help them simplify their operations and strengthen their defenses.

                Secureworks is uniquely positioned to help these leaders, as we enable more than 4,400 clients in more than 60 countries to harness the power of the network effect by collecting and analyzing data and events from any technology, environment, and industry, with the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™. The platform is enriched with event feeds from all of our clients and processes up to 240B events per day. In turn, this insight is enhanced by some of the world’s leading security engineers, researchers, and analysts, bringing human and artificial intelligence together to maximize our clients’ security.

                I am proud to have joined these professionals working for a company recognized as a leader by industry analysts year after year, notably in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services.

                I look forward to working with regional business leaders to help enhance their security for today’s digitally connected world.

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