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Powered by the Counter Threat Platform, the Dell SecureWorks Customer Portal provides the intelligence and analytics you need to easily understand your risks, demonstrate compliance and make better security decisions. The Portal gives you full visibility into your security and compliance posture with advanced reporting functionality integrated across all of our Managed Security and Threat Intelligence services. And with the Customer Portal mobile application, your security data is always at your fingertips.

Meaningful security intelligence and perspectives

As with portals and interfaces from other vendors, the Dell SecureWorks Customer Portal provides you with security data from various sources in your environment. However, security data alone is not enough to help you with the complex security decisions you face. What can you do today that will help reduce the most risk? Where should you invest resources to experience fewer security incidents? How do you compare to peers?

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The Dell SecureWorks Customer Portal features integrated business intelligence and analytics tools to help you gain the meaningful insights and new perspectives you need to answer these questions and make better security decisions. Highly customizable data visualizations and reports give you point-in-time snapshots as well as historical trending perspectives across multiple security metrics.

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Interactive data analysis tools within the Portal provide advanced drill-down analytics capabilities, allowing you to unlock insights from your security data. Flexible filtering, grouping and statistical functions allow you to perform sophisticated analyses across security data sets and even create custom data columns that capture new perspectives that can be presented via an array of visualization options.

Asset classification capabilities of the Portal also allow you to add greater business context to security data. Within the Portal, security data is tied to the relevant IT assets in your environment, allowing you to consume and visualize security information within the context of individual assets and asset groups. Information from our services is compared to each of your assets’ criticality ratings, producing a risk-based concern index that you can use to prioritize workflow and systematically reduce risk.

Pre-built security and compliance reports

To help demonstrate security effectiveness and reduce the burden of compliance reporting, the Dell SecureWorks Customer Portal provides you with an extensive set of pre-built reports for security and compliance. Reporting has been specifically designed to help customers demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements and provide enterprise-wide visibility into the performance of security controls.

Using the Portal, you can show compliance to auditors and senior management for a wide range of industry standards and regulations including the PCI Data Security Standard, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, FFIEC and GLBA. Consolidated reports can be generated and digitally signed, providing audit trail documentation proving relevant compliance information has been reviewed.

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Streamlined and intuitive user experience

With a rich collection of features and tools, the Dell SecureWorks Customer Portal puts advanced functionality at your fingertips. To ensure you receive the most value from these capabilities, Dell SecureWorks adheres to the principles of user-centered design – providing a Portal experience that is streamlined and intuitive. As a result, you can quickly and easily take advantage of all the Portal has to offer.

Within the Portal, users can use familiar drag-and-drop techniques to easily render customized dashboards and layouts that suit their needs. The Portal features a full gallery of pre-built visualizations that you can pull into dashboards and reports. Custom visualizations can also be saved into your gallery for easy retrieval and insertion into dashboards.

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Flexible integration into other systems and workflows

Many organizations rely on multiple systems and reporting tools to manage strategy and operations. By flexibly integrating with these systems and reporting structures, the Dell SecureWorks Customer Portal enables more efficiency and better communication of meaningful security information to the appropriate audiences.

The Portal supports several methods of securely and easily integrating with other reporting systems and structures. Dashboards, reports and visualizations can be securely linked or embedded for basic integration into other dashboards or reports outside of the Portal. For more customized integration of visualizations, you can link directly to underlying XML data. The Portal also supports export of security data via XML, Excel, CSV and PDF.

For organizations with their own ticketing systems, the Portal also supports bi-directional integration via a standards-based API that allows you to manage tickets and workflow in your preferred system. Within the Portal, you can also customize and map incident escalation procedures to any internal handling and response procedure you follow.

About Dell SecureWorks: Dell Inc. listens to customers and delivers worldwide innovative technology and business solutions they trust and value. Recognized as an industry leader by top analysts, Dell SecureWorks provides world-class information and IT security services to help organizations of all sizes protect their IT assets, comply with regulations and reduce security costs.



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