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Incident Response

Critical Help When You Need It

The worst time to realize that you are not prepared for a cyber-security incident is when a breach occurs. Security incidents are crisis situations that place a great deal of pressure on IT staff. Without a comprehensive incident response plan detailing roles and responsibilities, procedures and communications, pressured IT staff must make crucial decisions lacking any sense of order and priority. This leads to poor decisions that inevitably make the breach worse and delay its resolution.

The Dell SecureWorks Incident Response and Digital Forensics practice provides rapid containment and eradication of threats, minimizing the duration and impact of a security breach. Leveraging elite cyber threat intelligence and global visibility, we can help you prepare for, respond to and recover from even the most complex and large-scale information security incidents.

Dell SecureWorks provides a wide array of Incident Response and Digital Forensics services, from incident response planning and analysis to emergency incident response and digital forensics. Should a breach occur, Dell SecureWorks can help you minimize damage, recover compromised data and preserve evidence for legal action.

We offer end-to-end Incident Response and Digital Forensics services:

Incident Response & Digital Forensics Services to combat & respond to a Cyber Security Breach

Be Prepared: Develop and Test an Incident Response Plan

Incident Response Planning & Analysis Services

A strong Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) can minimize the duration and impact of a security breach. Dell SecureWorks security consultants help your organization prepare to respond quickly and effectively.

Available Incident Response Planning and Analysis services include:

  • Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) and Program Development
  • CSIRP Gap Analysis
  • Customer Information Disclosure Planning
  • Logging Configuration Review
  • Compliance Integration
  • Incident Response Retainer Services

Incident Response Testing & Capability Analysis Services

Dell SecureWorks IT security consultants can test your incident response plan, evaluating how well your team responds to an attack using simulations and other exercises. Regular testing of your CSIRP ensures your team is very familiar with incident response procedures and ready to act when a security incident occurs.

Available Incident Response Testing and Capability Analysis services include:

  • Commodity and Advanced Threat Tabletop Exercises
  • Incident Response Retainer Services

Respond to a Security Breach Now

Emergency Incident Response & Post-Incident Response Services

Dell SecureWorks' incident handling and response experts provide rapid emergency incident response services to contain a cyber-security breach, mitigate the threat and protect your assets.

Available Emergency Incident Response and Recovery services include:

  • Incident Handling
  • Digital Forensics Investigation
  • Incident Management
  • Malware Code Analysis
  • Post-Incident Response Activities
  • Incident Surveillance
  • Mobile Forensics

Additional Specialized Incident Response services:

Anti-Phishing Services & Phishing Takedown

Sophisticated cyber criminals target your customers and employees with phishing attacks through email scams and fraudulent websites to obtain sensitive data such as account numbers and authentication credentials.

Dell SecureWorks provides the following Anti-Phishing services to help companies before and after a phishing attack occurs:

  • Anti-Phishing Incident Preparation
  • Anti-Phishing Incident Response

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