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The Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat UnitSM (CTUSM) research team is a distinguished group of security researchers and experts who analyze data from across thousands of global networks, comb the cyber underground for intelligence and leverage relationships throughout the security community to identify emerging threats, develop countermeasures against new malware and exploits, and protect our customers.


For Dell SecureWorks, research represents the nucleus of our company and operations. Research is breaking down and reverse engineering malware to understand what makes it tick. Research is seeing how disparate events are connected. Research is determining how an exploit is communicating with its Command and Control. Research is identifying who is behind the threat. Research is infused into our managed security services and security consulting practices.

 Cyber Threat Research

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This is why we hire only the best and brightest security researchers from private industry, military and intelligence communities - Researchers with proven track records and first-hand technical experience dealing with cyber threats and protecting some of the most sensitive public and private systems and data resources in the world.

The Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit research team’s work underpins the success of our Managed Security Services and Security Operations Centers, and is shared widely with our security consulting teams. In addition, our researchers share pertinent information with our customers and the public at large. Their primary role is understanding the nature of threats our customers face, and creating strategies and countermeasures to address those threats and protect our customers. 

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For security leaders and professionals, intelligence is information that extends your visibility of threats beyond the edges of your network. Intelligence seeks to collect relevant information wherever it can be found; analyzing and synthesizing it into meaningful knowledge on which you can act. In today’s cyber threat landscape, intelligence can alert you to new and emerging global threats that may affect your operations. Intelligence can also help you identify actors who may be targeting your organization or its executives through Advanced Persistent Threats, providing the insights to help you prepare or take action. 

Cyber Threat - Linkages

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Creating intelligence that is meaningful and actionable requires specialized expertise, knowledge, and tools that go well beyond simple alerts and content searches. Experts must know where to look for information that may be tucked away in the dimmer areas of the Internet and hacker communities, to construct an overall picture from a thousand disparate puzzle pieces of data. 

Dell SecureWorks researchers and security consultants are highly versed in the practices and nuances of intelligence formulation. Whether your organization has been breached by a virus and need Malware Analysis or if you are unsure if anything is affecting your network and would like a thorough analysis through Targeted Threat Hunting, our team can help. With diverse backgrounds encompassing private security, military and intelligence experience, and combined with the understanding of how your business works, our security experts can deliver the visibility into threats and the actors behind them you need to protect your organization and its leaders.  

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About the CTU

CTU researchers frequently serve as expert resources for the media, publish technical analyses for the security community and speak about emerging threats at security conferences. Our IT security experts also provide Information Security Awareness Training solutions specific to your organizational needs. Leveraging our advanced security technologies and a network of industry contacts, the CTU research team tracks leading hackers and analyzes anomalous activity, uncovering new attack techniques and threats. This process enables CTU researchers to identify threats as they emerge and develop countermeasures that protect our customers before damage can occur.

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