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Cloud Security

Organizations are rapidly turning to the Cloud to reduce costs, provide greater flexibility and quickly ramp up support of business needs. But as more data, applications and infrastructure move to the Cloud, security remains a top concern. In fact, according to the Cloud Security Alliance, security is cited as the number one barrier to adoption of Cloud services among organizations.  

Organizations use the Cloud in a variety of different service models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and deployment models (Private, Public, Hybrid). Regardless of how your organization leverages the Cloud, Dell SecureWorks can help your organization manage the security, risk and compliance concerns.  

Dell SecureWorks Cloud Security services include:

  • Cloud Security Strategic Consulting: Establish a strategic direction for gaining the benefits of the Cloud while minimizing risk and improving security. Understand the ramifications of Cloud adoption on your information security program and policies. Integrate Cloud controls into your overall security program.
  • Cloud Risk Assessment: Understand the security and compliance risks of a current Cloud deployment and how to manage them. Create a consistent process and cadence around how you manage your risk.
  • Assurance Testing of Cloud Deployments: Evaluate the security model of a Cloud deployment. Test the effectiveness of security controls in the Cloud. Determine if the controls are properly implemented and function as designed. Understand how difficult (or easy) it would be for an attacker to penetrate the defenses and assess the potential impact.
  • Incident Response in Cloud Environments: Understand the impact of Cloud architectures and data flows on your current Incident Response program. Determine the role of your Cloud partner in this process.  Mitigate incidents involving Cloud environments and capture evidence.   
  • Cloud Security Architecture and Design: Develop architecture for securing data and IT assets in the Cloud. Understand the delta between a Cloud environment and your network security architecture. Establish standard architecture for securing Cloud deployments.

The above services can also be provided as part of general security consulting engagements where Cloud services or resources are in scope. If Cloud is a key part of your IT strategy, then including your cloud deployments in broader assessments, testing and compliance auditing is highly recommended.

Security Services for Cloud Providers

As a leading provider of information security services, Dell SecureWorks can help organizations deliver Cloud-based services securely and satisfy the compliance requirements of their customers. Whether you are building a Cloud environment from the ground up or simply building on top of existing Cloud services, Dell SecureWorks can provide you with expert guidance and critical security controls to protect your infrastructure, applications and data.








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