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                Cloud Workload Security with VMware

                Security should be a primary objective as you expand the use of virtualization. As VMware and Secureworks are both in the Dell Technologies family, we built a joint solution to help you achieve this goal.

                of today’s enterprise workloads are run in a private cloud

                of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy including a mixture of public and private clouds

                While digital transformation brings about tremendous opportunity, it also introduces larger amounts of complexity and risk to a business.

                - Digital Transformation Executive Report

                Reduce the Virtual Attack Surface

                Reduce your virtual attack surface and quickly detect and respond to threats while building and deploying virtualized applications on VMware infrastructure.

                Application Testing Services

                Capture Your App’s Intended State

                Virtual Application Defense engagements start by capturing the behaviors of services and virtual machines (behavioral baseline). Our experts tune service policies to your environment in what’s called a “learning period.”

                • VMware AppDefense Expertise

                  Our team of security experts know how VMware AppDefense should operate.

                • Behavior Baselining

                  We manage the process where the intended state of your apps are stored.

                • Policy Tuning

                  Policy tuning and management applies to all service policies and captures good behavior.

                • Policy Maintenance

                  We monitor for any policy change needs and implement on a routine basis.

                security monitoring

                Detect Anomalous Activity

                After Secureworks completes the capture phase any anomalies that deviate from the intended state are detected. We will detect rule violations, such as an unknown Python script execution, on your virtual machine.

                • Event Monitoring

                  Detect events when any activity goes against the intended state.

                • Noise Reduction

                  Our expertise and ability to tune policies helps reduce the amount of alerts you will receive.

                • Threat Intelligence

                  Secureworks checks events for context against our library of threat intelligence.

                • Device Health

                  Our team will resolve device issues such as losses of connectivity.

                incident response development

                Orchestrate Response

                Secureworks configures orchestrated response rules to act against non-whitelisted behaviors. This list of actions ranges from simple alerts on activity to a full shutdown of an affected machine.

                • Runtime State Detections

                  Respond to unknown processes, OS tampering, unknown outbound connections, and unknown inbound connections.

                • Additional Threat Context Provided

                  We check for threats such as known bad IP addresses and file hashes.

                • Client Portal Access

                  The Secureworks Client Portal - Powered by the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™ (CTP) enables prioritized action against any escalated events.

                • Mobile App

                  Access our Mobile App when you’re on the go.

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