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                Cyber Threat Hunting Solutions

                Today’s threat actors are getting better at avoiding detection. Our Threat Hunting solutions transition an organization from being reactive to proactive, significantly reducing dwell time and increasing cyber resilience

                Reduce Business Risk & Get Threat Context

                Faster identification and eradication of advanced threats help minimize downtime, financial loss and damage to your brand. Improve the efficiency of your cybersecurity program with expert threat context and validation of your security controls.

                Average number of days an advanced attacker goes undetected

                Of companies have insufficient endpoint or network visibility

                Is Poor Cyber Hygiene Creating an Industry Crisis?

                Our new Incident Response Insights Report finds different threat actors evolve to exploit the same systemic gaps in security basics.

                Advanced Threat Hunting Solutions

                Secureworks® simplifies security and helps combat advanced threats with a powerful combination of solutions including prevention and response, so your team can focus on priority initiatives

                Advanced Persistent Threat Hunting Cycle – (1) Targeted Threat Hunting, (2) Cyberattack Breach Incident Response, (3) Eradicate Threat

                Reduce Business Risk

                Secureworks takes the time to understand your environment to better identify and thwart threats that often evade security tools alone. Expert analysis, identification, response and mitigation guidance help reduce the risk to your organization.

                • Threat Hunting Assessment

                  Proactively identify threat actors who may have infiltrated your organization.

                  Threat Hunting Assessment
                • Emergency Incident Response

                  Accredited Incident Response assistance to help remediate complex cyber incidents on-premise and in the cloud.

                  Emergency Incident Response

                Threat Context, Enhanced Visibility

                Secureworks performs threat analysis leveraging proprietary technologies combined with threat landscape visibility from 4,400 client environments and the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™. This approach provides a better understanding of advanced threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures.

                • Global Threat Intelligence

                  Harness cutting-edge technology and the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) research team to analyze and prioritize targeted threats.

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