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                Making Sense of Cloud Security

                As buyers you are understandably confused by the amount of vendor hype and offerings to secure your multi-cloud workloads. We help you take a risk-based approach to securing your data and applications in the cloud.

                of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy

                Companies using almost 5 public and private clouds on average

                Secure Cloud-Based Data With a Risk-Based Approach

                Building Multi-Cloud Defenses

                As a reliable extension of your security program, Secureworks® ensures you are secure and compliant in a multi-cloud environment.

                cloud risk framework
                strategic security consulting

                Define Your Overall Strategy

                If you need assistance visualizing how cloud adoption will affect your security program or preparing the security requirements for a successful cloud migration, we can help.

                • Evaluate Your Program and Architecture

                  Receive expert advice on your strategy, program, architecture, and complex compliance obligations

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                • Understand Business Goals

                  Understanding the needs of your greater business is tough, but we can help.

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                • Take a Program View

                  We help you assess and develop the recommended plan, policies, and procedures.

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                • Stay Compliant While You Shift Gears

                  Determine if the services you have in the cloud are meeting various mandates.

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                • Assess Your Cloud Service Provider

                  Is your CSP secure? We can help you check if they measure up.

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                monitored server protection

                Monitor Your Clouds for Threats

                Detecting anomalies in high volumes of cloud log data helps your team separate routine events from security incidents worth investigation. We have the tools and people to help you achieve this level of visibility.

                • AWS

                  Includes monitored firewalls and IaaS log sources such as CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs, and Logical Devices.

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                • Microsoft Azure

                  Includes monitored firewalls and IaaS log sources such as Active Directory, Azure Activity, Security Center Alerts, and Virtual Machine.

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                • Office 365

                  Monitoring for critical data sources in your Office 365 environment to provide security alerts and context.

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                • SaaS Applications

                  Monitoring support for various SaaS applications is available.

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                • Cloud-based Endpoints

                  By using Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection with Red Cloak™.

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                • Private Cloud (VMware) Application Workloads

                  Secure your virtualized applications hosted on VMware through our joint Dell Technologies security solution.

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                While digital transformation brings about tremendous opportunity, it also introduces larger amounts of complexity and risk to a business.

                - Digital Transformation Executive Report

                vulnerability management

                Vulnerability Management and Adversarial Security Testing

                Incorporate cloud asset discovery and cloud vulnerability scan data into your security program. Work with our adversarial testing group to see if your controls can withstand a cloud-focused hack from Secureworks.

                • Discover Assets and Scan for Vulnerabilities

                  Expand asset discovery and vulnerability scanning into virtual cloud environments including AWS, Azure, and Google.

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                • Assess Your Compliance Posture

                  Continuously evaluate your compliance posture against current standards and benchmarks.

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                • Hack Your Clouds

                  Utilize our team of hackers to test your cloud networks for gaps before it’s too late.

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                • Test Your Cloud-based Applications

                  Reduce risk by assessing critical applications to help prioritize remediation actions.

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