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                Enterprise Data Breach Protection

                Safeguard your valuable assets and data against breaches and business risk

                The challenge of protecting critical enterprise assets can seem overwhelming, especially in our data driven world.

                Plus, threats are just as likely to come from within an organization, which means even more security monitoring and analysis. “Breach denial” leaves many organizations underfunded and underprepared for a cyberattack. Small and mid-sized firms sometimes present the weakest link in a supply chain that exposes an entry point for enterprise network access.


                Discovered a breach by accident


                Feel vulnerable to insider threats


                Identify and Protect Critical Assets

                Today's fluid perimeter and “always on” environment make it vital to protect your data and intellectual property. Whether digital information is dispersed in the cloud, insecure or locked down tight, persistent threat actors are hunting for ways to profit at your expense.

                Network security & log monitoring

                Monitor and Secure Infrastructure

                Security event monitoring is a foundation of a defense-in-depth strategy. But it’s hard to maintain a team of enterprise security monitoring experts to review logs and alerts 24x7 to identify any malicious activity.

                Miller Welding & Machine Company uses MSSP SecureWorks after malware attack
                CASE STUDY

                Boosting Security for Greater Peace of Mind

                Protect the technology that powers your business. Threat actors and malware can take vital systems offline, resulting in compliance fines, lost revenue and dissatisfied customers as well as lost employee productivity.

                Case Study: Bank Boosts IT Security Services with SecureWorks MSSP
                CASE STUDY

                Enhance Bank Security By Augmenting Expertise

                A growing bank protects its increasing volume of customer accounts and sensitive business data without the need to expand its IT department.

                Security and risk consulting services

                Security and Risk Consulting

                Test and improve security defenses, assess compliance with applicable mandates, streamline security processes, design and develop new security programs, and source highly experienced security staff for your key initiatives.

                Enterprise managed security services

                Enterprise Managed Security Services

                As your managed security service provider, we’ll serve as an extension of your security team to offer 24/7 protection and help you bridge the gap between people, process and technology at a fraction of the cost of in-house resources.

                Enterprise incident response plan and management

                Enterprise Incident Response Preparedness

                Leveraging elite cyber threat intelligence and global visibility, we help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from even the most complex and large-scale information security incidents.

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