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              Stronger Defenses Requires Actionable Information

              Harness the power of the Counter Threat Unit to enhance your visibility across the threat landscape and create a more informed strategy for your organization.

              Maximized Visibility

              See beyond your network to better prepare or take action.

              Understanding Tactics

              Understand threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures.

              Leverage Guidance

              Access actionable intelligence that is tailored to your environment.

              Organizations can be faced with the challenge of acting on data that lacks proper analysis and curation, and if not fully vetted, may lead to poor conclusions based on faulty assumptions and waste resources on ineffectual outcomes.

              Barry Hensley - Senior Vice President Chief Threat Intel Officer

              Early Warnings and Actionable Intelligence

              We produce intelligence to better predict what is likely to happen based on your environment and critical data assets, empowering you to take proactive action

              Access Intelligence

              Access to extensive threat and vulnerability databases.

              Assess Relevance

              Detailed remediation information and recommendations on threats to your company.

              Engage Experts

              The Counter Threat Unit™ is dedicated to our clients in finding newly identified threats.

              Go Mobile

              Receive Threat Intelligence on-the-go through the Secureworks™ Mobile App.

              Talk with an Expert

              Provide your details to speak with a security expert or call for general inquiries.

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