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              Intelligence-Driven Security Advisory

              Drive strategic components that a CISO would deliver with support from former CISOs and security leaders who benefit from access to a network effect of knowledge sharing and the latest threat intelligence.

              Enable Transformation

              Enable Transformation

              Cross traditional boundaries between day-to-day security operations to implement transformational business change.

              Boost Efficacy

              Boost Efficacy

              Align investments to risk and build clear strategy to implement, measure and communicate a mature cybersecurity program.

              Fill CISO Gap

              Fill CISO Gap

              Rely on experts with business acumen and security expertise.

              The role of a CISO is evolving from a technologist to a business leader whose responsibilities include collaborating with many aspects of the business to communicate and mitigate risk across the entire organization.

              Combine Security Expertise and Business Acumen

              Our consultants/principals combine security expertise and business acumen with their access to the latest threat intelligence and the network effect for strategic advisement across typical duties of a Chief Information Security Officer.

              Fill Knowledge Gaps

              Fill gaps with guidance from Senior Consultants/principals with strong business and security leadership expertise.

              Supplement Capabilities

              Gain strategic advice on formal planning or building security programs, and tactical expertise on specific topics.

              Integrate Intelligence

              Access experts with business and security insights into the latest industry intelligence to ensure risk-based approach.

              Facilitate Conversation

              Prepare for board and executive briefing, on-site presentation and strategy, or other reactive engagements.

              Talk with an Expert

              Provide your details to speak with a security expert or call for general inquiries.

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