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              Demonstrate Key Industry Standards Compliance

              Our consultants help you understand the scope of key industry certifications, identify gaps against requirements and provide guidance to enable remediation to reach certification.

              security residency and information

              Rely on Experts

              Receive expert remediation consultation and guidance from qualified security assessors.
              security controls and compliance

              Protect Consumers

              Review controls against PCI DSS and adapted regulations (e.g., EI3PA).
              managed policy compliance

              Overcome Challenges

              Be prepared with mock audits before completing final audits.

              When it comes to consulting, we are only as good as the people who deliver it.

              Understand Requirements, Assess and Get Certified

              Our consultants help navigate the certification process for industry certifications, including PCI and EI3PA.

              Broaden Knowledge

              Understand industry certification compliance in a broader security context.

              Simplify Reporting

              We’ll create and submit compliance reports to the appropriate stakeholders.

              Facilitate Remediation

              We reassess and help identify deficiencies until you fulfill certification requirements.

              Enable Validation

              Leverage broader Secureworks™ portfolio services for assurance and ongoing compliance.

              Talk with an Expert

              Provide your details to speak with a security expert or call for general inquiries.

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