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                Proactive Incident Response

                Improve Incident Readiness

                The Secureworks® Proactive Incident Response (IR) consulting team is built to help you plan, assess, test and exercise your IR plans and processes. This uniquely qualified team combines decades of IR experience and expertise with constantly updated threat intelligence, enabling you to have confidence in your IR capabilities and plans.

                The Modern Threat Landscape

                • Increasing Likelihood of Attack

                  Increasing Likelihood of Attack

                  New technologies and added devices are continually expanding the attack surface, while adversaries are simultaneously becoming more skilled and motivated. Encountering a security threat is inevitable – that's why it’s important to proactively mitigate risk.
                • Meeting Growing Demand for Readiness

                  Meeting Growing Demand for Readiness

                  Regulators, cyber insurers and partners are placing increasing focus on risk mitigation. Adequate risk management requires regular exercises and ongoing demonstration of a sufficient level of organizational preparedness.
                • Build Cyber Resilience

                  Build Cyber Resilience

                  Incident preparation is an ongoing process. It requires strong planning, but it doesn’t end there, the IR plan needs continual improvement driven by an understanding of your organization’s objectives and the latest threats facing your organization.
                Practicing for the Inevitable: Exercises
                True cybersecurity preparedness means developing a plan, regularly exercising those plans, and continually improving them. Tabletop exercises, for example, offer a low-impact mechanism that ensures team readiness, identifies pitfalls and creates heightened awareness across the organization. These exercises serve to engage key stakeholders before real incidents ever occur. Secureworks tabletop exercises:
                • Cover the technical and non-technical aspects of potential threats
                • Are tailored to your unique organizational needs, maturity and objectives
                • Use real-world threat intelligence from Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) to build scenarios that will sharpen your organization’s preparedness.

                Other Proactive IR Services

                Secureworks provides a full suite of Proactive IR services to help you plan, assess, train and exercise your IR plan.

                Why Secureworks Proactive Incident Response Services?

                Secureworks has been delivering IR services since 2007. Together, we can help you mitigate risk, increase confidence in your capabilities and build cyber resilience to carry your organization into the future.

                IR Experience

                IR Experience

                Our global team of Proactive IR consultants provide guidance grounded in proven best practices and “real world” expertise gained from responding to actual incidents. Our IR services build upon years of insights drawn from thousands of IR engagements conducted annually.
                Threat Intelligence

                Threat Intelligence

                Secureworks brings you the most up-to-date threat intelligence, bolstered by offensive and defensive security research from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™).


                Insights into common areas of organizational weaknesses and adversary behavior, coupled with our collaborative approach, help our consultants advise, assess and develop the most plausible and relevant scenarios and insights.
                See how Proactive Services come together to Reduce Ransomware Risk

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